Disease Treatments

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen Shoulder Treatment   Frozen Shoulder is condition in which there will be only restricted movement for the hands, especially while rotating or raising hands. Frozen Shoulder is caused due to( Accumulated Aama) inflammation of the Shoulder Joint, however this disease is Self remitting after a long gap. Treatment:- First of all the treatment the treatment should be aimed...

Kamala Chikitsa/Treatment for Jaundice in Ayurveda

Introduction: If the person suffering from Paan`d`uroga indulges in diet and life style which vitiates Pitta, it results in Kaamalaa. This disease can manifest directly even without manifestation of Paan`d`uroga. It is of two types: S`haakhaas`hrita Kaamalaa also known as Ruddhapatha Kaamalaa Kosht` has`haakhaas`hrita Kaamalaa also known as Bahupitta Kaamalaa.   If not specified, Kaamalaa Chikitsaa is generally considered as treatment of Bahupitta Kaamalaa.   It is generally said that S`haakhaas`hrita Bahupittaa Kaamalaa is manifested after Kaamalaa while S`haakhaas`hrita Alpapittaa...

Bhagandara/Fistula in Ano treatment in Ayurveda

  Bhagandara  Introduction: Bhagandara is laceration of anal region (fistula). According to Sus`hruta it is one of the Mahaavyaadhi.   Nirukti: o       Te Tu Bhaga Guda Basti Prades`ha Daaran`aat Cha Bhagandaraa Iti Uchyante | o       Bhagam Parisamantaat Cha Gudam Bastim Tathaa Eva Cha | o       Bhagam Daarayati Tasmaat Tat Dnyeyo Bhagandarah || M. N. 46/1 Madhukos`ha   Whenever an Pid`akaa (abscess) formed at the sites like perineal region (Bhaga), anal region (Guda) and bladder region (Basti) bursts out after...

Treatment for Itching in Eyes in Ayurveda(Akshi kandu)

According to Ayurveda, Itching in the Eyes is caused due to increase or Vridhi of Kapha dosha. In such case one should decrease the intake of food items that may cause Kapha dosha vridhi for eg:- Oily foods etc. Medicines that decrease Kapha dosha are to be given in such cases. Eye wash using Kashaya prepared out...

Nasagatha Roga – Disease pertaining to nose in Ayurveda

Nasagatha Roga - Disease pertaining to nose in Ayurveda   Naasaa Rogaass are the diseases caused and manifested on the Nose. Especially, these diseases are related to theNaasaa Srotas.   Pratis`hyaaya   o       It is also called as Peenasa. C.Chi. 26/107   o       Pratis`hyaaya is caused as Roopa in Raajayakshmaa. It is expalined as a symptom of Raajayakshmaa inCharaka Samhitaa Raajayakshmaa Chikitsaa Adhyaaya. In Chikitsaa Sthaana it is explained as separate disease (as Svatantra Vyaadhi) as a type of Naasaa...

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