Apasmaara is one of the Maha AgadhaApasmaara is a disease in which memory (Smriti), intellect (Buddhi) and mind (Sattva) get flowed out all together, characterized by loss of consciousness and disgusting movements by the patient. This is a momentary phase (Aavasthika) in which patient grope in the dark (Tamah Praves`ha).


Classification of Apasmaara:

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika


Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

Foremost aim of the physician here should be getting rid of the occlusion caused due to the Dosha in the channels ofHridaya and Manas.

To restore the normalcy such of the remedial measures which are Teekshn`a in nature are to be adopted.

All such measures which are described for Unmaada should be adopted especially Puraan`a Sarpi paana andAbhyanga with the same. Also, Graha chikitsa should be applied.

Sus`hruta has also advised the worship of Lord Rudra.

Vein should be punctured in temporal, forehead and chest regions.


Vis`hesha Chikitsaa:

Vaataja Apasmaara: Basti

Pittaja Apasmaara: Virechana

Kaphaja Apasmaara: Vamana.


  • After the patient is being given conditioned S`hodhana, should be consoled well and then proper palliative treatment is to be adopted. Other treatment modalities like Dhoopana, Anjana, Lepa, Abhyanga, Utsaadana, Avasechana, Pradhamana Nasya etc. are very useful.


  • In cases where Aagantuja (external) factors are involved secondarily, there may be signs and symptoms which are different to that of the Doshaja Apasmaara; in such cases line of treatment as per Aagantuja Unmaada should be adopted.


  • As this disorder is as a result of vitiation of both the S`haareerika and Maanasika Dosha and takes Aashraya in the Maha Marmas i.e, Hridaya and ManasRasayana treatment should be adopted as it is a Krichra SadhyaVyadhi.



The patients suffering from the above should be always protected from water, fire, trees, stones and stony surface and uneven places



Rasa – Lavan`a

Dhaanya – Lohita S`haalee, Godhuma, Mudga,

S`haaka – Pat`ola, Vachaa, Vaastuka, S`higru, Haritakee, Rasona

Maamsa – Kachchhapa Maamsa, Jaangala Maamsarasa

Dugdha – Ghrita, Dugdha

Drava – Braahmee Svarasa, Tail, Gomootra, As`hvamootra, Gaganaambu

Phala – Puraan`a Kushmaan`d`a, Madhura Daad`ima, Draakshaa, Aamalakee, Parushaka

Kritaanna – Talita Rasona, Dugdha + Bhakta

Other – Nasya, S`hirovirechana, Daana, Traasana, Bhaya, Harsha, Dhomapaana



Gun`a – Teekshn`a, Ushn`a, Guru

Dhaanya – Maasha, Aad`hakee

S`haaka – Bimbee

Maamsa – Matsya

Drava – Madya

Other – Malina, As`huchi Bhojana, Viruddhaanna Sevana, Chintaa, S`hoka, Bhaya, Krodha, S`hrama, Trishn`Aad`hakee, Nidraa, Kshudhaa Vegadhaaran`a


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