Chakrasana   Steps Lie down on your back. Bring your knees near your thighs by bending your legs at your knees. Keep little distance between your feet. Bring each of your hands by sides of each shoulder. Place them in such a way that the palms should rest on ground and direc­tion of fingers should be towards...


Matsyasana   The word matsya in Sanskrit means fish. The body resembles fish in this posture.       Steps   Lie down on your back. Then go into Padmasana while lying down. Let knees remain on the ground. Raise your head making an arc with chest. In this position a sort of bridge will be created between your head and waist....


Suptavajrasana   Steps   First sit in Vajrasana, stand up your knees and set your feet apart. The feet will again in lying position. Place your hand on front of your feet. Bend backward and let your elbows rest on ground one by one. Hang your neck back- Ward. Stretch your hands backward while inhaling. Remove gap...


Vajrasana       Steps   Sit on the floor with your legs spread in the front, feet and toes turned outwards. Hands resting on both sides of the waist. Bring your feet close to each other, hands closer to the body and head in the center. Shift the weight of your body on your right hand, slightly tilting sideways...


Bhujangasana       Steps   Lie down with your face downward touching the ground with forehead. Let your palms touch the ground just near your shoulders. Raise your head and neck and start inhaling. Go on raising the chest and abdomen up to your navel. Give maximum curve to chest and abdomen. Stay in this position for few minutes,...


Pavanmuktasana     Steps ™Lie down on your back and stretch both your legs. Now leaving the left leg stretched on the ground bend your right leg at the knee and bring the bent knee near the chest. Now inhale and press your bent legs towards the chest. Keep the breath full in your belly and go...

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