Ayurvedic Herbs

Kanthala (AGAVE CANTULA Roxb) – Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

Kanthala - AGAVE CANTULA Roxb Botanical Name - AGAVE CANTULA Roxb Agorve cantula is a Mexican native plant which is also seen in many parts of the world. It is a succulets with fleshy leaves which is spiney .It is being found in the Southern part too. It is available in Kerala and Karnataka too.It is...

Vishamushti (Ageratum conyzoides) – Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

Vishamushti Vishamushti -Ageratum conyzoides Ageratum is an annual herb that grows about 60 cm high and producer small pretty pink flower at the top of its hairy stems. In some countries it is considered an A weed that is hard to control. Ageratum ranges from southeastern north America to central America, but the center of...

Vanda,Ittikkanni (Dendropthoe falcate) – Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

Vanda,Ittikkanni (Dendropthoe falcate) - Ayurveda Medicinal Plant   DENDROPTHOE FALCALA Family Loranthaceac Vernacular Names Sanskrit – Vanda Hindi – Baanda Kannada – Badarika Malalyalam – Ittikkanni Tamil – Kimaricham English – Mistletoe Distribution It is a large busy evergreen parasitic plant found generally on various host plants in large amount world wide. Primarily is tropical and subtropical region. Systematic classification Kingdom – plantac Subkingdom – viridae plantae Class – magnoliopsida Subclass – Rosidae Order...

Valaka (APORUSA LINDLEYANA) – Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

Valaka APORUSA LINDLEYANA Family – Eyphorbiaceae Synonyms – Scepa lindleyana W.T Vernacular names K – Challe Mara, Sarali Sylla Tan – Kodali, Vettil, Vetti M – Kodali, Vetti Tulu – Saral San – Valaka Morphology Habit – Trees up to 15m hall Bark – Smooth, shallowly fissured brownish, blaze pink Branches – Branch lets, terate, glabrous Leaves – Simple, alternate, spiral, stipules oblong lanceolate, acute Inflorescena – Flowers unisexual,...

Haritha Manjari (Indian acalypha) – Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

Haritha Manjari - Indian acalypha ‘Kuppameni’, ‘Vetti’, ‘etti’ is known since the vedic period and these are considered as the important oushadhas. These drags are under gone is different family. Aporusa lendlegana plant is commonly known as Salle (in Kannada). The tree is frequently found in the Malnad region of Karnataka state. The plant is used...

Kanchanara – Bauhinia variegata

Kanchanara is known by the botanical name Bauhinia variegata belonging to Caesalpinioideae family. It has main actions like Dipana, Grahi, Kapha Pitha hara. It is very effective in Gandamala.     LITERARY REVIEW   Kovidara is the original name of Kanchanara during the vedic and samhita periods. Vedic literature cosidered its stem as forebidden for rituals. Its utility is...

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