Therapies in Ayurveda

Vajeekarana/Treatment to increase reproductive capacity in Ayurveda

  Introduction Vaajeekaran`a is one of the eight branches of Aayurveda which deals with improving the strength and the reproductive capacity and sexual performance of an individual Vaaji S`hukra Chakradatta With this reference the treatment in which the sperm count is increased in a person is known as Vaajeekaran`a. This treatment or course of medication is for an adult who is healthy and uses aphrodisiacs...

Uttara Basti

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: TheBasti which is administered through Mootramaarga(Urethra) or Apatyapatha (cervical oss) is termed as Uttara Basti. S`hresht`ha Gun`ayukta i.e. the Basti having best properties and effects is termed as Uttara Basti.                                                                                Description:Kaala/Vaya/Ahoraatra/Ritu/Bhukta In female the Uttara Basti should be administered during Ritukaala (proliferative phase) only. The Uttara Basti in female should never be administered before her menarche.   Poorvakarma (Prerequisites): Patient Preparation: The patient should be advised to consume Yavaagu, milk and ghee or meal containing Maamsarasa on the previous night. The patient should be...

Netra Tarpana

  Prakaara Paribhashaa:  Tarpan`a: Triptijanakam(Nourishing / Rehydrating); Akshi / Netra: Eye The procedure which imparts Tripti(Nourishment) to eye is called Akshitarpan`a.                                                                                                                             D`alhan`a This is a procedure in which medicated or plain unctuous substances like Ghritaare retained over the eyeball for a prescribed period of time as either preventive or curative treatment modality. It is aimed at providing nourishment and improving the efficiency of the eyes.        Description: Kaala/Vaya/Ahoraatra/Ritu/Bhukta Akshitarpan`ais normally...

 Siraavyadha/Blood Letting by Puncturing of vein

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: Blood letting by venous puncture.   Poorvakarma (Prerequisites): Patient preparation: Internal and external oleation and whole body fomentation should be done. According to Vaagbhat`a meat soup added with Sneha or unctuous food should be consumed on the previous night. The patient should be given Yavaagu to drink. The procedure should not be done immediately after food intake. Svastivaachana.   Pradhaanakarma: Aasana The position of the patient should be according to the site of Siraavedha. o       Position for Siraavedha at...

Roma Shaatana/Removal of hair from wound Site

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: Removal of hair from the site of wound or from the site of surgical procedure.   Pradhaanakarma: This Chikitsaa Prakaara is explained in context to Vran`a. This procedure is important because if the hairs are not removed they hinder and prevent its healing. This is one of the important procedures in surgery, particularly in plastic surgery. This prevents the infection or Vran`a Dusht`ee. Indications and...

Raktamokshana/ (Blood letting)

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: Asra Visruti / S`hon`ita Nirharan`a / Asra Visraavan`a The process in which vitiated blood, Vaata, Pitta and Kapha are allowed to come out of the body through Siraa is termed as Raktamokshan`a. It’s is one of the eightS`hastrakarma described by Sus`hruta. It’s a procedure in which entrapped Vaayu is drained through Viddha (puncture) in the skin. This also helps to let out entrapped circulation in blood vessels.   Types: Two...

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