This is a disease caused due to the hyper-functioning of the digestive capacity (Teekshn`aagni). In this condition, Pitta and Vaata are aggravated. Patient gets relief after having food and becomes irritated when hungry.


Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

Pouring water on fire definitely douses it similar principle is employed in the management of this condition. The patient should be feed frequently before the previous food is digested.



Virechana should be administered to alleviate Pitta and Paayasa should be given after the Virechana. Formulations like Trivrit S`hyaamaa Siddha Ksheera

Siraavyadha should be performed followed by following formulations:

  • Godhooka Choorn`a Mantha or Jeevaneeya Gan`a Siddha Ghrita.
  • Vasaa, Majjaa, Ghrita should be used for Snehana.
  • Taila should not be used.


Pathya Aahaara:

Diet should be administered having following properties.

Gun`a: Guru, Snigdha Sheeta, Manda, Saandra, S`heeta, Sthira, Pichchhla

Rasa: Madhura Rasa

Karma: Kaphakara, Medura, Pusht`eekara

DravyaPaayasa, Vasaa, Majjaa,


Though indigestion is caused by this dietary regime, in this stage, diet should be given continuously to avoid depletion of Dhaatu and to avoid complication and death. Diet like fish, which are having Slakshn`a sthira gun`should be used. Other diet items

Dugdha and Ghrita added with Madhuchchhisht`a should be used for thirst.


Pathya Vihaara:

Divaasvaapa should be advised as Pathyaa Vihaara.



The patient should not be kept without food for long.

The Virechana should be administered cautiously according to the condition of the patient

All measures should be taken to protect the Agni and to maintain in its normal functions.



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