Dhee Dhriti Smriti Chikitsaa



Dhee, Dhriti and Smriti are types of Pradnyaa (Wisdom / Intelligence).

Dhee is the power of reasoning.

Dhriti is the power of firmness, constancy.

Smriti is the power of recollection / remembering.

Any derangement in these three leads to Pradnyaaparaadha which is a main causative factor of many of the diseases. Many a times these are not capable of producing diseases but remain in dormant phase. Its better to treat the signs and symptoms at this level only to prevent disease formation.


Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

Should be treated by Chikitsaa similar to Vyaadhi Unmaada.

Achaararasaayana (An advice regarding behaviour offering the benefits of Rasaayana) – Aachaara Rasaayana is the regimen of behaviour, food, mental activity etc. prescribed to derive benefits of rejuvenation therapy without actually undergoing the rigorous procedure.



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