Disease Treatments

Switra(Leucoderma) Treatment In Ayurveda

Switra(Leucoderma) This disease is characterized by presence of whitish discoloration of Skin without any pain or Itching. Treatment:-Shodhana(Elimination Therapy) is the main line of management, since it is said to be RaktajaVyadhi(of blood Orgin) Blood letting can be said as a treatment measure. Also other Shodhana therapies like Virechana, Upavasaetc cam be done Followed by this ShamanaChikitsa...

Rajayakshma Chikitsa

  Synonyms: S`hosha -This is a disease in which a person gets wasted, dried out. Yakshmaa-A disease with many complications like S`hvaasa, Kaasa, etc. (It is a disease which needs continuous monitoring and attention like a deity.) Kshaya it lowers down the physical and mental activities.   Raajayakshmaa is a disease having: Many diseases as prodromal signs. It is very difficult to assess a disease as...

Vatarakta Chikitsa – Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda

Vatarakta Chikitsa - Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda     For Education & Reference Purpose. Please consult with Ayurveda doctor for treatment   Saamaanya Chikitsaa:   Raktamokshan`a: It can be carried out by two ways taking Bala (strength of the patient) and Dosha into consideration. Prachchhaana Siraamokshan`a Raktamokshan`a should be carried out in Vaatarakta, where there is Raaga, Rujaa and Daaha. Virechana: It is useful to reduce Kapha and Medas Snehana should be carried...

Amlapitta Chikitsaa/Gastritis Treatment in Ayurveda

               Introduction: For diagnostic & treatment purpose Amlapitta is divided in to following types According to direction:- Urdhvaga and Adhoga According to duration:- Nava and Jeern`a According to Dosha:- Kaphapittaja Vaataanubandhi Kaphaanubandhi Vaatakaphaanubandhi   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Vamana -->  Mridu Virechana Snehana  --> Snigdha Anuvaasana Paachana Tikta Rasa Pradhaana Dravya Kaphapittaghna   Aavasthika Chikitsaa: Urdhvaga: Vamana -->  Nirooha basti Adhoga: Virechana  --> Nirooha basti Jeern`a: Considering Dosha Status Aasthaapana Basti Amlapitta + Daaha :- S`hodhana  --> Aushadha Vamana, Virechana Pas`hchaat Anupas`haya: Raktamokshan`a + S`heeta Dravya...

Shotha Chikitsa/Edema Treatment in Ayurveda

    Introduction - S`hotha is swelling / edema / protuberance / raising (morbid intumescences M/W) on the skin, which is elevated compared to the normal level of skin.   Types of S`hotha   According to - Charaka   Sus`hruta Vaagbhat`a 1.    Vaataja S`hotha 1.    Vaataja S`hotha Vaataja S`hotha 2.    Pittaja S`hotha 2.    Pittaja S`hotha Pittaja S`hotha 3.    Kaphaja S`hotha 3.    Kaphaja S`hotha Kaphaja S`hotha 4.    DvandvajaS`hotha 4.    DvandvajaS`hotha DvandvajaS`hotha 5.    SaanipaatajaS`hotha 5.    SaanipaatajaS`hotha SaanipaatajaS`hotha 6.    Nija 6.    Vishaja S`hotha Nija 7.    Aagantuja 7.    Aamas`hayaSamutthaS`hotha Aagantuja 8.    Ekaangaja 8.    Pakvaas`haya Samuttha S`hotha Ekaangaja 9.    Sarvaangaja 9.   Varchasthaana Samuttha S`hotha Sarvaangaja 10.         Aagantuja S`hotha   Prithu,     Unnata, Charaka has namedS`hotha as per theS`thaana (place) like- S`hirah S`hotha S`haalooka Bid`aalikaa Taalu Vidradhi Upajihvikaa Adhijihvikaa Upakus`ha Danta Vidradhi Galagan`d`a Gan`d`amaalaa Granthi Alajee Charma Nakhaantara Roga Vidaarikaa Visphot`aka Kakshaa Romaantikaa Masoorikaa Bradhna Mootra Vriddhi Medoja...

Pandu Roga Chikitsa/Treatment for Anemia in Ayurveda

Chikitsaa Description: The disease in which colour of the skin becomes Paan`d`u Varn`a i.e Ketaki Dhoola Sannibha (Yellowish white) is called as Paan`d`uroga. It is of five types as below- o Vaataja o Pittaja o Kaphaja o Sannipaataja o Mridbhakshan`ajanya   Synonyms: - Kaamalaa , Apaanakee, Laagharaka, Alasakhya, Kumbhaahvyaa.   Saamanya Chikitsaa: S`hodhana o       Vamana + Virechana S`hamana o       Kalpa + S`hopha Adhikaarokta Kalpa Vaataja à Sneha Pradhaana Pittaja à Tikta + S`heeta Kaphaja à Kat`u + Tikta + Rooksha + Ushn`a Mridbhakshan`ajanya à Teekshn`a S`hodhana Sannipaataja à Mis`hra   Description of Saamaanya Chikitsaa: The basic treatment of Paan`d`uroga is as below. o       Vamana and Virechana (S`hodhana) should be...

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