Disease Treatments

Moorcha Chikitsa/Treatment for fainting in Ayurveda

  Introduction: It is also known as fainting. It is caused by Pitta and Tama. Pitta is in dominance in all types of Moorchchhaa. It is of following types Vaataja Pittaja Kaphaja S`hon`itaja Madyaja   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Pittaghna + Vaataghna S`hamana o       S`heeta Dravya o       Lepa, Snaana, Vihaara, o       Rasaayana S`hodhana o       Vamana o       Virechana o       Raktamokshan`a o       Nasya Aahaara o       Madhuravarga Siddha Yoosha o       Daad`ima o       Shasht`ika o       Rakta S`haalee o       Yava o       Ghrita Vihaara o       S`heeta Seka o       Man`i Dhaaran`a o       S`heeta Vaayu Sevana   Aavasthika Chikitsaa Prasakta Vega Avasthaa Mukha-Naasaavarodhana (Close the orifice of mouth and nose) Followed by Nasya, S`hamana Based on the predominance of the Dosha the treatment should be adopted accordingly. Satvaavajaya...

Netra Roga – Eye Disorders in Ayurveda

  Netra Roga - Eye Disorders in Ayurveda   Introduction Netra Roga are the diseases related to the organ Netra.   Types: 96 Netra Roga as explained by Charaka C.Chi.26/129-131 Vaataja Pittaja Kaphaja Saannipaatika   Charaka has counted only four types of Netra Roga as all the types are covered under these four types only. He has not described it more elaborative as it is subject of S`haalaakya Tantra. C.Chi.26/131   Opinions There are so many opinions about the total...

Raktapitta Chikitsa/Treatment for Bleeding Disorders in Ayurveda

Introduction: This is an acute disease (Aas`hukaaree). It spreads like forest fire. It should be treated immediately and carefully. When this disease changes the course (direction) it is indicative of incurability (Asaadhyatva). It is a serious disease (Mahaagada), having grave consequences. It afflicts the patient very fast. Mahaavega - greatly agitated). It is like fire and affects...

Bhagna Chikitsa/Fracture treatment in Ayurveda

  Bhagna Chikitsa - Fractures in Ayurveda   Introduction: Bhagna is fracture or dislocation of joint or bone. Charaka Samhitaa has described Asthi Bhagna in the Vran`a chapter. It is said that a wound with a Bhagna heals with difficulty. General treatment of Bhagna includes Asthi Sandhaana.   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Asthi Bhagna is considered as Vran`a according to Charaka. In the condition, Asthi Bhagna (fracture) or Asthi Chyuta (dislocation), the bones should be placed in the original anatomical position properly (Reduction of the fracture)....

Jwara Chikitsa/Treatment for Fever in Ayurveda

    Introduction: Jvara affect body, senses, and mind also diminishes the intelligence, strength, complexion and enthusiasm of the sufferer and produces exhaustion, exertion and aversion to food. It should be treated considering its type, Avasthaa, causative factors and involved Dosha.   Contraindications: Aahaara: Guru Anna, Kashaaya Rasa Vihaara: Divaasvaapa, Snaana, Abhyanga, Maithuna, Krodha, Pravaata, Vyaayaama. Kashaaya Rasa, Guru, Ushn`a should be avoided.   Saamanya Chikitsaa: Nava Jvara : Following...

Vyapad Chikitsa/Treatment for Complications

  References: Vyaapad -- Vamana, Virechana C.Si.6, S.Chi.34, A.H.ka.3 Vyaapad -- Sneha C.Si.4, A.H.ka.3 Vyaapad -- Basti C.Si.7, A.H.ka.3 Anuvaasana Uttara S.Chi. 37. Nirooha S.Chi.38, C.Si.3 Netra Basti Vyaapad C.Si.5, A.H.ka.5, S.Chi.36 Atturopadrava Chikitsaa S.Chi 39   Introductuion: The term Vyaapad has various denotations, complicated condition occurred due to inadequate consumption of diet or improper administration of drugs or surgical/ therapeutic procedure called Vyaapad. Vyaapad may also be due to some causative factors associated with lifestyle.   Following Vyaapad are mentioned in classical text- Sneha Vyaapad Vamana...

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