Disease Treatments

Low Sperm Count Oligospermia Ayurvedic Treatment

Low Sperm Count - Oligospermia Ayurvedic Treatment   Low Sperm Count - Oligospermia Ayurvedic Treatment Terms oligospermia and oligozoospermia or Low Sperm Count refer to semen with a low concentration of sperm WHO Classifies: Oligospermia or less Sperm Count as:- Mild: concentrations 10 million – 15 million sperm/mL Moderate: concentrations 5 million – 10 million sperm/mL Severe: concentrations...

Plantar Fascitis treatment in Ayurveda

Plantar Fascitis   In Plantar Fascitis, due to frequent standing or stress –  Fascia in the heel region get inflamed by the contact of bone underneath it. Ayurveda has a typical treatment for Plantar Fascitis. Treatment Idea:- A Particular leaf should be taken which should be applied with OiL on both the sides 3 – 4 such leaves are placed...

Graha Roga Chikitsa

Introduction: Charaka has explained it under Unmaada, as Aagantu Unmaada is caused due to the exogenous factors like Graha. Causative factor for the Aagantu Unmaada is Apras`hasta Karma which is caused due to the Pradnyaaparaadha. Due toPradnyaaparaadha, a person insults the respected ones like Deva, Rishi, Pitri, Gandharva, Yaksha (living supernatural being / ghost), Raakshasa (demonical), Pis`haacha (class of demons, possibly so called either from their fondness for flesh), Guru (any venerable or respectable), Vriddha (experienced), Siddha (accomplished), Aachaarya (a...

Apasmaara Chikitsaa/Epilepsy Treatment in Ayurveda

    Introduction: Apasmaara is one of the Maha Agadha. Apasmaara is a disease in which memory (Smriti), intellect (Buddhi) and mind (Sattva) get flowed out all together, characterized by loss of consciousness and disgusting movements by the patient. This is a momentary phase (Aavasthika) in which patient grope in the dark (Tamah Praves`ha).   Classification of Apasmaara: Vaataja Pittaja Kaphaja Saannipaatika   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Foremost aim of the physician here should be...

Klaibya Chikitsaa

  Introduction: The disease is related to the loss of S`hukra Dhaatu Types: By Charaka Beejopaghaataja Dhvajopaghaataja Jaraaja S`hukrakshayaja   By Sus`hruta Maanasa Dhaatu Kshayaja Dhvajabhangaja Pumstvopaghaataja Sahaja Khara S`hukra Nimittaja   Saamanya Chikitsaa Treatment Kshataksheena also Vaajikaran`a should be followed for Klaibya. Also considering Sampraapti of patients, following treatment modalities should be suggested. Shodhana Chikitsaa Snehana and Svedana Snehayukta Virechana Aasthaapana Basti Anuvaasana Basti Hitakarara Anna Sevana (Anuvaasana, Aasthaapana Basti in Vyatyaatsa)   Vishesha Chikitsaa Vaajikaran`okta Chikitsaa Bijopaghaata Klaibya (Vaajikarana Yoga) Daivavyaapaashraya Abhichaaraja Klaibya Dhvajabhangaja Klaibya Pradeha Parisheka Raktamokshana Snehapaana Snehayukta Virechana Anuvaasana Basti Aasthaapana Basti Dhvajabhangaja Klaibya Vran`a Vran`a Chikitsaa should also be done. o       Jaraaja Klaibya and Dhaatukshayaja Klaibya Basti Ksheera Ghrita Snehana Snehayukta S`hodhana Rasaayana Prayoga Ksheerasarpi Vrishya Yoga Yaapanaa Basti   Asaadhya Klaibya: Klaibya is incurable in following conditions: Sahaja Klaibya Sannipaatika Klaibya Dhvajabhangaja Klaibya Kshayaja Klaibya If...

Vidradhi Chikitsa

Introduction: Vidradhi is an elevation on the surface of the skin which manifests with Oedema. It is S`hastrakarmasaadhyaVyaadhi. Charakaachaarya has explained Vidradhi as one of the types of the PramehaPid`akaa. But he has also stated that without suffering form Prameha, thesePramehaPid`akaa including Vidradhi can get manifested.   Nirukti:   Dusht`aRaktaatimaatratvaat Sa VaiS`heeghramVidahyate | TatahS`heeghravidaahitvaatVidradhiItiAbhidheeyate | (Cha. Su. 17/95) S`heeghravidaahaadVidradhih | (Su. Ni. 9/1 Gayadaasa)   Sampraapti:   Dosha vitiate skin, Rakta, Maamsa and Medas. They are harboured on Asthi. Gradually, these Dosha create serious Oedema. This Oedema (S`hopha) has large base....

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