Pancha Karma (5 Therapies)

Raktamokshana/ (Blood letting)

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: Asra Visruti / S`hon`ita Nirharan`a / Asra Visraavan`a The process in which vitiated blood, Vaata, Pitta and Kapha are allowed to come out of the body through Siraa is termed as Raktamokshan`a. It’s is one of the eightS`hastrakarma described by Sus`hruta. It’s a procedure in which entrapped Vaayu is drained through Viddha (puncture) in the skin. This also helps to let out entrapped circulation in blood vessels.   Types: Two...

Basthi Karma/Enema in Ayurveda

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa The procedure in which medicine is administered inside the rectum with the help of bladder of any animal is termed as Basti.   Description:Kaala/Vaya/Ahoraatra/Ritu/Bhukta The time of administration should be decided according to the type of Basti.   Poorvakarma (Prerequisites): This should be done according to the type of Basti.   Classification of Basti: Based on the site of administration of Basti: Pakvaas`hayagata Basti - The Basti is administered through anal orifice. Garbhaas`hayagata...

Aasthaapana Basti/Niruha Basthi

   Prakaara Paribhaashaa: The procedure in which medicine is administered inside the rectum with the help of bladder of any animal is termed as Basti. The type of Basti in which the medicine is predominantly decoction is termed as Nirooha Basti. Since this procedure helps expulsion of Dosha out of the body it is termed as Nirooha Bastiand since it gives relief from diseases and prolongs...

Anuvaasana Basti

  Prakaara Paribhaashaa: The medicated enema which can be administered daily and which does not harm the body if retained inside the body is termed as AnuvaasanaBasti. The medicated enema administered with medicine in the form of oil. The dose of AnuvaasanaBasti is half that of Sneha Basti.   Description:Kaala/Vaya/Ahoratra/Ritu/Bhukta During cold season Anuvaasana Basti should be administered during day time. During S`harada, Greeshma and Varshaa Ritu, Anuvaasana Basti should be administered...

Srnga Raktamokshana

In this Procedure, blood letting is done by using Srnga(Cow Horn shaped material). This method of Raktamokshana(Blood Letting) is done in Blood Vitiated with Vata.(Vata Dushta Rakta). Indications:- Vata Dushta Rakta, Avagad’ha tama dushta Rakta in Twak, Sukumara Pusrusha, Kandu(Itching), Suptata(Numbness), Sparsanasa. It is used in Vata predominant rakta dushti since Srnga is having properties like...

Pracchana Rakta Mokshana

This type of Raktamokshana can be done as a Poorvakarma(Pre-operative procedure) in Srnga, Alabu, Ghati type of Rakta Mokshana. In this type of Raktamokshana, bloodletting is done by Scraping the area with a Sharp Instrument. Indications:- Uttana Rakta, Ekadesa Pindita Rakta.   Procedure:- The Site where Pracchana is to be done should be cleaned well and a Bandhana(Ligation) is...

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