Maintenance Of Health

Maintenance of Health

Swasthavritta (Swastha + Vritta) can be defined as the adoption or observance of regi­mens/ actions / practices continuously without a break, like a circle to maintain health of an individual is known as swasthavritta. Practices Includes Dinacharya (Daily regimen) Ratricharya (Night Regimen) Rutucharya (Seasonal regimen) Thrayopastambha (Food, Sleep, And Abrahmacharya) Sadvrtta (Right Conducts) AcharaRasayana ( Behavioural regimen) Dharaniya & Adhanraniya vegas (Suppressible...

Maintenance of health through Ayurveda

Since the time immemorial healthy and happy life of hundred years is a cherished wish of human beings . In the world of ever changing and modern civilization, this wish has been a nightmare and this is mainly because of the we human beings living in a stressful & polluted environment & changing our...