TONGUE CLEANING         Tongue should be done with an instrument which is smooth and soft. It is better to use instrument made of silver, gold,iron.   BENEFITS     It removes bad taste,odour of mouth,cures oedema,stiffness of tongue and gives taste. Gargling with oil strengthens the teeth. It removes the impurities of tongue. Cleans the coatings over the tongue till the root of the tongue.     For...

Dhoomapana – Inhalation of medicated fumes (Medicated Smoking)

Dhoomapana - Smoking   Dhoomapana is told in Dinacharya (Daily Regimen) and also in Treatments.  It is smoking the leaves or other parts of medicinal plants, which helps to Maintain good health and also to cure Respiratory diseases. Part of vitiated kapha situated in the head is eliminated very fast by smoking.           Definition Inhalation of smoke and exhalation is known...

Daily Regimen for Healthy Life Introduction

Daily Regimen for Healthy Life Introduction         Ayurveda described a wholesome daily routine or day to day conduct called “Dinacarya” or Daily Regimen as not only prophylactic but conducive to Panchamahabhutas (.Earth (bhumi), Water (jala), Fire (agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (aakash) The recommended routine  comprehends the days requirements both physical and mental. It includes all activities...

Wakeup Early – Daily Regimen in Ayurveda

    Brahma Muhurtha     Daily Regimen mentioned in Ayurveda starts with Brahma Muhrutha.Brahma Muhurtha refers to particular early time which is best for waking up. Every one should wakeup by that time. It gives energy, intellect, Immunity, and Good health to us.   Eventhough it is difficult to wake up early this is very important and everyone should follow...

NASYA – Medication Through Nasal Route

Nasya - Medication Through Nasal Route   Medicine or medicated fat is administrated through nostril. This is known as Nasya. It is widely used as one of the Pancharma therapy in Ayurveda. Head is considered as the most important part of the body. Nose is the entry way for the head, Here medicine is used in the form...

ANJANA – Collyrium

ANJANA - Collyrium     Eye is the most important among all the senses. So to protect it one should apply anjana (Collyrium) everyday. It is one of the important method explained in Ayurveda for the caring of eyes.   Types According to charaka Sauviranjana and rasanjana According to susrutha Prasadana,lekhana,ropana Depending on the form of medicine used Gutikanjana, Rasanjana, Churnanjana Depending on action Mridu and tikshna   Time...

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