Nasya – Medication Through Nasal Route

nasya ayurveda


Medicine or medicated fat is administrated through nostril. This is known as Nasya. It is widely used as one of the Pancharma therapy in Ayurveda.

Head is considered as the most important part of the body. Nose is the entry way for the head, Here medicine is used in the form of nasal instillation, It helps to cures the diseases of the Head, Face, Eyes, Ears, Etc. According to Ayurveda classics, It cures the diseases which affects body parts above Neck region.

Benefits of Nasya

  • Practice of nasya at proper time as said in the classics prevents diseases of eyes, nose and ears.
  • There will be no white hairs, no hair fall, instead they grow well.
  • It cures stiffness of neck, head ache, facial paralysis, stiffness of jaws, rhinitis, half sided head ache, tremors of head, veins, skull bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons are nourished by nasya and become strong.
  • The face become pleasant and nourished, voice become sweet, deep and loud, clearness in sense organs and strength enhanced.
  • He will not afflicted with diseases of head and neck easily, even in old age he will be strong and will not afflicted with diseases of head.
  • Lightness of head , proper sleep ,and awakening ,cure of diseases and clarity of organs and pleasant mind and the features of proper instillation .




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