ANJANA – Collyrium


Aschyothana-Anjana eye


Eye is the most important among all the senses. So to protect it one should apply anjana (Collyrium) everyday.

It is one of the important method explained in Ayurveda for the caring of eyes.



According to charaka

Sauviranjana and rasanjana

According to susrutha


Depending on the form of medicine used

Gutikanjana, Rasanjana, Churnanjana

Depending on action

Mridu and tikshna


Time of application

  • One should apply collyrium made of antimony everyday for protecting the eyes.Collyrium made of Berberis aristata applied once in five or eight days at night time for lacrymation of eyes.
  • Eyes are dominant in tejo mahabhutha,so there is fear of being afflicted with kapha.Hence process which alleviates kapha is good for eyes.Strong collyrium should not be used in daytime as the eyes weakened by drainage will be affected by sunlight.


Method of application


  • One should widen the eyes with left hand and apply collyrium with salaka by using the right hand.Always it should be applied from inner canthus to outer canthus.

Contra- Indications for collyrium

  • One should not apply collyrium in conditions of tiredness, Udavarta, crying, after intake of alchohol, anger, fear, fever, suppression of natural urges and diseases of head.
  • It is also contra indicated in ocular conditions like redness of eyes, pain, blindness ,excessive lacrimation,pain and swelling.

Features of proper collyrium application

  • Clear vision, lightness, no excessive lacrimation, proper functioning, purity of eyes and alleviation of disease are features of proper action of collyrium

Benefits of application of anjana

Gold ornaments are cleaned by means of oil, cloth and hair brush, similarly application of collyrium cleans the human eyes which makes them shine like bright moon in clear sky.


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