Dhoomapana – Smoking



Dhoomapana is told in Dinacharya (Daily Regimen) and also in Treatments. It is smoking the leaves or other parts of medicinal plants, which helps to Maintain good health and also to cure Respiratory diseases.

Part of vitiated kapha situated in the head is eliminated very fast by smoking.







Inhalation of smoke and exhalation is known as smoking.


  • Prayogika
  • Vairecanika
  • Snaihika
  • Kasaghna
  • Vamaniya



  • First take smoke through nostril and then through mouth, both the times smoke should be taken out through the mouth.
  • If it is taken out through the the nostrils then it is harmful for the vision.
  • One should sit in a comfortable posture with a pleasant mind, smear the end of the dhumavarti with ghee or oil, ignite it and place it in dhumanetra, which is the instrument used for smoking.


Time for smoking

  • In the daily regimen always Prayogika variety of smoking is advised , during the following times for vitiated kapha and vata.
  • One should smoke after bathing, eating, tongue scrapping, sneezing, rushing teeth, nasya, collyrium and sleep.


Contraindication of smoking


  • After purgation or emesis, enema, bleeding disorder, poisoning, grief and pregnancy, tiredness, intoxicated by alchohol, ama, pitta disorders, night awakening, unconsciousness, giddiness, excessive thirst, emaciation and injury the smoking should be avoided.
  • One should not smoke after intake of alchohol, milk, unctuous substances, honey and curds.
  • One should avoid smoking during anger diseases of palate, blindness, head injuries, sankhaka a variety of headache, rohini, diabetes and intoxication.

In these condition if one smokes, he suffers from different complicated diseases due to effect of smoke.


Features of proper smoking


  • Lightness of the chest, throat, head and liquefaction of kapha are thethe features of proper smoking.


Features of improper smoking


  • Features of insufficient smoking are absence of clarity of voice, presence of kapha in throat and heaviness of head.


Features of excessive smoking

  • Excessive smoking produces dryness of palate, head, throat, excessive thirst, unconsciousness, bleeding disorders, excessive discharge, giddiness, fainting and loss of proper functioning of sense organs.



Benefits of Dhoomapana


  • Smoking cures heaviness of head, headache, rhinitis, half sided head ache, pain in the eyes, ear, cough, hiccough, dyspnoea, obstruction of throat, weakness of teeth, discharge from ear, nose and eyes, bad odour from nose and mouth, toothache, anorexia, lock jaw, stiffness of neck, itching, infection, paleness , excessive salivation, change in voice, tonsillitis, uvulitis, baldness, greying of hair, hairfall, sneezing, drowsiness, loss of consciousness and excessive sleep.
  • It strengthens hair, skull bones, sense organs and voice.
  • It prevents strong vata kapha disorders occurring above the shoulders.




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