Gandusha – Oral caring in Ayurveda





Oil Pulling or Gandusha is one of the morning regimen


This Ayurveda method involves Mouth completely filled with appropriate oil or liquid and kept without movement.



Gandusha should be done with concentration.Liquid should be kept in the mouth till before eye starts watering.
Everyday Gandusha is ideally done with oil or meat soup.


Note: Here there should not be movement of liquid inside mouth. Keep Sufficient time without any movement.


Unctuous substances like Sneha,milk,honey,water,shukta,alchohol, meat soup, wine, rice gruel and decoction are used in hot or cold conditions accordingly.





Practice of gandusha enhances strength of mandible

resonance of voice

nourishment of face

taste sensation and gives good taste.

It prevents dryness of throat,

cracking of lips,

decay of teeth and makes the teeth strong.

Person does not experience pain

tingling sensation after eating sour food or hard food.



Features of proper gargling

The alleviation of disease,proper nourishment,clarity of mouth, lightness of sense organs and clarity of sense organs are features of proper kavala and gandusha.

Features of improper gargling

Improper Gandusha leads to disease,excess of kapha in mouth and improper perception of taste.


Features of Excess of gargling

Excess of gandusha leads to mouth ulceration, disease in the mouth,excessive thirst and tastelessness.


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