Since the time immemorial healthy and happy life of hundred years is a cherished wish of human beings . In the world of ever changing and modern civilization, this wish has been a nightmare and this is mainly because of the we human beings living in a stressful & polluted environment & changing our life style, behaviors and mechanical life pattern every now and then. The health of an individual is dependent on both hereditary and environmental factors. Health is a condition in which all the physical & mental mechanism of an individual function normally. It is not merely an absence of disease.


Ayurveda recognized this condition as the state of equilibrium of three doshas & Sapthadhatu function & feeling of ease. Further it has been said that, the individual who has the normal functions of dosha, dhatu, mala & agni, along with pleased senses, mind & soul is called as swastha (healthy individual)

Health includes one’s reserve of physical strength & stamina as well as mental steadiness to meet the requirements of daily life. Only healthy individual of sound body & mind can endure social & cultural pressures, health not only means freedom from disease but the ability to work with satisfaction & self control. Health is the best root factor in achieving Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha

Health is not just something which we inherit, it has to be attained by observing the laws of nature. Health requires continuous adjustment to the environment, as living organism are dependent upon the environment in which they live.

Ayurveda, the science of life which has the primary aim as to preserve the health of a healthy individual laid down all the preventive principles which are necessary in maintenance of health under the heading swasthavritta. which is known as preventive and social medicine or community medicine in modern medical science.


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