Susrutha mentioned a method for the detoxification of the atmosphere by beating and blowing the musical instruments pasted with anti poisonous drugs. Similary purification of water has been given due emphasis, Susrutha has described detailed method for the same and Antariksha jala (Pure rain water) and Hamsodaka were ideal types of purified water, the place also has to be keep neat and clean high emphasis of ancients on soucha (purity and cleanliness) was great deterrent to diseases.

The code of conducts including fasts and religious rites prescribed by Dharma shastra also played a vital role in giving religious injunction to swasthavritta and thus making it obligatory for everybody to follow and thus providing him physical health as well as mental purification.

Thus the preventive principles described by Ayurveda are comprehensive health care in promoting physical, mental, social and spiritual health of an individual as well as community.

Ayurveda stated that one who strictly observes the principles of swasthavritha will live hundred years without getting any diseases and also said that, these principles should be car­ried out like a officer incharge of city or a Charioter.

Medicine for the future is preventive and social and these two aspects of medicine must become an important part of teaching medicine to medical students. The aim in preventive and social medicine teachings is to make the student actively interested in social needs with respect to the medical services he could offer and to acquint him with the role of social organisation in the etiology, distribution, causes prevention and treatment of the diseases. further Ayurveda mentioned that physician must always try for preserving the health of the healthy individual.


  • Swasthavritta meets the needs of the individual from birth to death ie., from womb to tomb.
  • In mentioning the importance of body Ayurveda stressed that one must protect the body first by leaving all worldly things, because without body, there is nothing in the world to do and further stated that only the healthy body is required to live happy and healthy life.
  • To maintain health, everyone should always observe the rules of swasthavritha regulary.

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