Principles For Prevention of Diseases in Ayurveda




The regimens to be followed after awakening from sleep to maintain health routinely are mentioned in Ayurveda

There are two types


  • The principles that are to be followed by the individual to prevent diseases.
  • Principles to be followed by the community for the maintenance of health of the society.


  1. Man should always follow those procedures which keep him healthy always, as health is always desired.
  2. Daily regimen, night regimen & seasonal regimens should be followed as mentioned to maintain health not other wise.
  3. The person who always consumes wholesome food, practices wholesome habits, thinks, who is not interested in worldly matters, who sacrifices, who is always balanced towards all beings, forgives, speaks truth and who follows words of Guru’s or Acharyas does not develop any disease
  4. Caraka (Acharya Of Ayurveda) emphasize on food which are wholesome to the body like rice, green gram, rock salt, goose berry, barley, rain water, milk, ghee, meat and honey. These should be consumed regularly for maintenance of health and prevention of diseases.
  5. One should avoid prajnaparadha (intelluctual errors), take care of sense organs, by avoiding under utilization, wrong utilization & over utilization of sense organs, one should have good memory. knowledge about place,Time and one self and should follow rules of Sadvrtta (Good Behavior) to prevent diseases.
  6. The diseases due to variations in the climate can be prevented by following purification in respective seasons.
  7. All the diseases are produced by creation of unmanifested urges or suppression of natural urges. So one should always avoid both to maintain the health.
  8. One who is desirous of his own well being, should take appro­priate treatment while disease is in intial stages.
  9. These are the measures in short which help in prevention and cure of External and Internal variety of disease.

The above mentioned 7 points can be taken as aspects of primary prevention dealt in Ayurveda. 8th point can be related to secondary prevention.


The rejuvenation therapy (Rasayanacikitsa) is used in the prevention and cure of diseases as well as prevention of old age.


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