Shiroroga – Disorders pertaining to head in Ayurveda



The diseases occurring in the head and scalp are grouped under S`hiroroga.




According to Sus`hruta, there are 11 types of S`hiroroga.

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaataja
  5. Raktaja
  6. Kshayaja
  7. Krimija
  8. Sooryaavarta
  9. Anantavaata
  10. Ardhaavabhedaka
  11. S`hamkhaka


Vaataja S`hiroroga


There is headache without any proper reason.

It aggravates and turns to severe condition.

There is severe pain (ArtiS`hoola).

There is Sphuran`a due to Vaayu.

There is Bandha (tying like pain), Upataapa and S`hirobhitaapa.

According to Vaagbhat`a, there is sudden increase or decrease in the pain.

It gets pacified due to MardanaSnehanaSvedanaBandhana.

According to Maadhavanidaana, it pacifies with Bandhana and Upataapa i. e. Svedana.


Pittaja S`hiroroga


A person feels as if his body is burning by hot coals.

There is DaahaArti in Pittaja S`hiroroga.

There is Daaha and Dhoopana of S`hiraNetra and Naasaa.

It pacifies in the night.

This is Pittaja S`hiroroga.

According to Vaagbhat`a, it gets pacified by cold stuffs.


Kaphaja S`hiroroga


S`hira and Gala is coated by the Kapha.

There is heaviness in the head.

There is S`heetatva (cold).

There is S`hopha on VadanaNetra and Netra Koot`a.

This is Kaphaja S`hiroroga.

According to Vaagbhat`a, there is Aruchi.

Pain is more at night than day.

There is TandraaS`hoona Akshi Koot`atva and Karn`a Kan`d`oo.


Saannipaatika S`hiroroga


There is manifestation of all the symptoms due to each Dosha.


Raktaja S`hiroroga


It manifests with the symptoms of Pitta. There is no tolerance to touch (Spars`haasahatva) at the head region.


Kshayaja S`hiroroga


Due to depletion of VasaaBalaasa (Kapha) at the head region, there is S`hirobhitaapa. It is Kasht`asaadhya.

It aggravates due to SvedanaChhardanaDhoomaNasyaRaktamokshan`a.


Krimija S`hiroroga


There is Toda and Antahsphut`ana. There are bloody secretions from the nose. There is eating of head region due toKrimi. This is Krimija S`hiroroga.

According to Vaagbhat`a, the Krimi on the head consumes Rakta causing severe pain.

There is Chitta Vibhrams`haJvaraKaasaBalakshayaRaukshya (Dryness), S`hopha.

There is pain like VyadhanaChhedanaDaaha.

There is Sphuran`a. There is Kan`d`oo at KapaalaTaalu and S`hiras.

There are copper colored and clean nasal secretions.

There is Kan`d`ooDaurgandhyaTodaArti in the Krimija S`hiroroga.




At the time of sunrise, there is manifestation of mild pain (Manda Ruk) at the NetraBhroo. When the sun goes up the pain goes on increasing; and as it comes down to sunset, the pain gets pacified. It gets pacified either by cold or hot drugs. It is Tridoshaja and is Kasht`asaadhya.

According to Vaagbhat`aVaayu associated with Pitta cause pain in the S`hamkhaAkshiBhrooLalaat`a. There isSpandana. The pain aggravates in relation with the sunrise.




Vitiated all the three Dosha, cause severe pain in the Ghaat`aa and Manyaa. There is pain also in NetraBhroo,S`hamkha. There is Kampa at the lateral side of the Gan`d`a. There is Hanugraha and other eye related diseases.

It is caused due to Tridosha.




Half of the head region is suffered from Bheda, Toda, BhramaS`hoola. It gets manifested suddenly or by 15 or 10 days. It is also Tridoshaja.

According to Vaagbhat`a, if it gets aggravated, it causes damage to Netra and Karn`a. it may get aggravated in 15 days; and it may get pacified within 30 days.

According to Maadhavanidaa,a there is pain like S`hastra Aran`i.




Vaayu harboured at the S`hamkha region gets associated with KaphaPittaRakta. There is severe pain at theMoordhaa. It is Kasht`asaadhya. It is said that this disease is the sign of death. It is not curable by thousands of theVaidya.

It kills the patient within three days. After passing of the three days, it can be cured.

According to Vaagbhat`a, Pitta dominant Dosha cause S`hopha (edema) at the S`hamkha region. There is severeDaahaRujaaRaagaPralaapaJvaraTrid`, Bhrama. There is bitterness to the mouth. The face turns to yellow color. It is Aas`hukaaree. It may be cured if treated immediately or it may kill a patient within 3 days.




Vaata dominant Dosha cause S`hirahkampa.


S`hirah Kapaalagata Roga


There are total 9 diseases which manifest at the S`hirah Kapaala (flat bone of the head).

  1. Upas`heershaka
  2. Pit`ikaa
  3. Arbuda
  4. Vidradhi
  5. Arumshikaa
  6. Daarun`aka
  7. Indralupta / Chaachaa
  8. S`haatana (Kes`ha)
  9. Palita




This is a S`hopha due to vitiated Vaayu in the Garbha (Foetus). There is no pain. This is Upas`heershaka.


Pit`ikaa, Arbuda, Vidradhi


As per the Dosha, these three diseases get manifested on the S`hirah Kapaala.




Due to vitiation of PittaRakta, and Kapha and Krimi (Jantu); there is formation of mustard sized Pit`ikaa on theKapaala. They are called as Arumshikaa.




It is caused due to vitiation of Kapha and Vaata. There is falling of hairs. Kan`d`oo (itching). There is Svaapa(numbness), Raukshya (dryness). There is Tvak Sphut`ana (splitting up of skin).


Indralupta / Chaachaa


Pitta along with Vaayu at the hair follicles on the Kapaala, cause falling of the hairs. Kapha along with the Raktacauses obstruction in to the Romakoopa. Therefore, other new hairs can not grow up. There fore, on the S`Hirah Kapaala there is absence of hairs. It is also called as Rujyaa or Chaachaa.




This is gradual falling of hairs. It is not sudden fall of the hairs. It is called as Khaalitya.

Khaalitya due to Vaata dominance, it looks like fire burn.

Due to Pitta, there is Svinna Siraavritatva.

Due to Kapha there is thickening of the skin.

Khaalitya due to all the Dosha, manifests with all the symptoms. It is Asaadhya.




Due to S`hokaS`hrama and Krodha, heat at the head region causes maturity of the hairs; which is called as Palita.

Due to Vaayu, hairs turn to S`hyaava Varn`a. they become dry, Khara.

Due to Pitta, there is Daaha and color changes to Peeta (yellowish)

Due to Kapha, hairs become Snigdha, white.

Due to Saannipaata, mixed symptoms get manifested.


S`hirorujodbhava Paalitya


A person can not tolerate touch.




Khaalitya and Paalitya is Asaadhya if it is caused due to Saannipaata.

Khaalitya which is like AgnidagdhaNirloma and with Daaha is Asaadhya.



S`hiroroga Chikitsaa



  1. Chi. 26, S. U. 26, A. H. Chi. 24, N.R. S`hiroroga


Vaataja S`hiroroga:


  • Similar to Vaatavyaadhi Chikitsa like :
    • BaahyaSnehanaSvedanaAbhyanga etc
    • AbhyantaraSnehapaanaAnuvaasana etc
  • The head should be massaged with ghee followed by Snehapaana (Ghrita or Taila) along with hot milk asAnupaana at night.
  • The patient should be well fed with unctous meat soup and milk processed with Vaata alleviating drugs. (Vaata Naas`haka Anna Paana)
  • Parisheka with Vaataghna Dravya
  • If associated with Pitta and Rakta – Nasya should be administered.
  • Raktamokshan`a should NOT be adopted as it causes Vaata Prakopa.
  • When all the treatment fails then Agnikarma has to be performed
  • If Kapha Dosha is predominant then Ushn`a Gun`a measures should be adopted.


Pittaja S`hiroroga:


Snehana followed by Siraavyadha

S`heetala measures.

S`heeta Gun`a Aahaara

Similar to Raktaja S`hiroroga Chikitsaa

Pittahara Anna Paana


Kaphaja S`hiroroga:


  • Puraan`a Ghrita Paana
  • Rooksha, Ushn`a and Teeksh`na Guna predominant measures.
  • Vamana using Kat`u Dravya
  • Ushn`a and Teekshn`a Dravya SvedanaLepaGandoosha and Nasya.
  • Svedana should be repeated frequently.
  • Upavaasa


Sannipataja S`hiroroga:


  • Based on the predominance of the Dosha the therapy should be asserted.
  • Especially Sarpi Paana is indicated.


Krimija S`hiroroga:


  • Rakta Prayoga for Nasya: Due to the Visra Gandha of the blood all the Krimi tend to come out of the nasal and facial orifices
  • Teeks`hna Nasya and Dhooma for drawing out the worms.
  • Rakta Visravan`a should NOT be done as the Krimi would have sucked the blood.


Ardhavabhedaka S`hiroroga:


  • The line of treatment should be as per the Dosha involvement.
  • Nasya


Sooryavarta S`hiroroga:


  • Rakta Visraavan`a by Siravyadha
  • S`hamana


S`hira Kampa:


  • Treatment similar to Vaataja S`hiroroga.
  • Agni Karma is contraindicated.




  • Similar to Sooryaavarta
  • Siravyadha



S`hankhaka S`hiroroga:

  • Nasya
  • Lepana
  • Parisheka



  • Apakva Avasthaa: Vaatavyadhi Chikitsaa has to be adopted.
  • Pakva Avasthaa : Vidhradhi Chikitsaa has to be adopted.



After assessing the Aama, Pakva Avastha, the treatment should be initiated.


Arums`hikaa Chikitsaa:


  • Raktamokshan`a
  • Parisheka
  • Lepana
  • If Arums`hikaa does not respond to any of the treatments as said above then Vamana and Virechana should be adopted.




  • Siravyadha at Lalaat`a Prades`ha.
  • Snehana and Svedana
  • Snigdha Nasya and S`hirobasti
  • S`hiro Abhyanga
  • Leepana and Parisheka




  • Siravyadha at the nearest or adjacent place
  • Lepana


Khalita and Palita:


  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Nasya
  • Vaktra and S`hiro Abhyanga
  • Lepana
  • Parisheka



Pathya –

  • Dhaanya – S`hasht`ee S`haalee
  • S`haaka – S`higru, Vaastuka, Pat`ola, Kaaravellaka,Hareetakee, Kosht`ha, Kumaaree, Khus, Mustaa, Bhringaraaja
  • Maamsa – Rooksha Prades`he Maamsa
  • Dugdha – GhritaDugdha, Takra
  • Drava – Taila, Kaanjee
  • Phala – Daad`ima, Draakshaa, Aamra, Aamalakee, Maatulunga, Naarikela
  • Kritaanna – Pathyakara Dhaanya Yoosha
  • Other – Chandana, Karpoora, Sveda, Nasya, Dhooma, Virechana, Lepa, Seka, Landghana, S`hirobasti, Raktamokshan`a, Pin`yaaka


Apathya –

  • Rasa – Amla,
  • Gun`a/ karma – Guru

Other – Maricha, Kat`uveeraa, Saurabha, Ati S`heeta Jala, Dugha, Ati S`heeta Jalapaana,V iruddhaanna, Kshavathu, Jrimbhaa, Mootra, As`hru, Nidraa, Pureesha Vega Dhaaran`a, Anjana, Dantadhaavana, Divaasvaapa






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