Baala Roga – Pediatric Disorders in Ayurveda



C.Sha.8, S.Sha.10, A.H.U.1, M.Ni.68.


The diseases occurring from the time from birth to 16 years (as Baala is defined as that period of time between birth and sixteen years of age) are called as Baalaroga. They are slightly different from diseases of adults and need special attention and treatment.


Diagnosis of BaalaRoga is challenging as physician has to depend on history and signs (VaidyasamvedyaLakshan`a). Physician should have proper knowledge Anumaana and consider HetuSevana and other mother related factors (Stanya, Aahaara etc). For example, child wherever touches and where he can not tolerate the touch, it can be said that there is pain.

When there is pain in the head, child closes his eyes.

When there is pain in the Hridaya, child touches to Jihvaa, Osht`ha, Das`hana.

When there is Kosht`haVibandha, then there is Vamathu (vomiting), AntraKoojana. Child beats the nipples at the time of feeding. There is Aadhmaana, Prisht`haNama, Jat`haraUnnamana also.

When there is pain in the Basti and GuhyaSthaana, there is Pureesha and MootraSanga.



If there is improper pricking of the Karn`aPaalee, then there is Raaga, Ruk, Jvara, S`hopha, Daaha, Samrambha, Manyaastambha and Apataanaka.



Stanya is vitiated by all the three Dosha. By consuming this Stanya, a baby passes the stools which has Durgandhee(foul smell), Aama, resembling to water, Vibaddha, Achchha, Phenila.

There are different colours to the stools.

Urine turns to yellow, white and dense.

 Jvara, Arochaka, Trit`, Chhardi

 S`hushkodgaara, Vijrimbhikaa, Angabhanga, AngaVikshepa,

 Koojana, Vepathu and Bhrama, Ghraan`a and AkshiPaaka. This is very serious disease (AtiDaarun`a) which is called as Ksheeraalasaka.



Dantodbheda is a cause of most of the diseases. Especially, Jvra, Vid`bheda, Kaasa, Chhardi, S`hirorujaa, Abhishyanda, Pothakee, Visarpa.

These diseases leads to Dantodbheda, get pacified by themselves when the teeth are erupted well.




Due to excessive day time sleep, cold water, consumption of KaphaDusht`aStanya, the Rasavaha channels get obstructed due to Kapha which manifests with different symptoms:





These symptoms in turn leads to the weakness which is called as BaalaS`hosha.



Taalukan`t`aka / Taalupaata

Aggravated Kapha harbors in to the Taalu, Maamsa causing TaaluKan`t`aka. This leads to the depression of theMoordhaa.

 TaaluPaata, StanaDvesha,

 KrichchhraatPaanam, Drava Pureesha,

 Trishn`aa, AasyaKan`d`oo

 AkshiRuja,.GreevaaDurdharataa and Vami

 Taalupaata is a symptom of TaaluKan`t`aka



Sus`hruta has described this condition. Due to MastulungaKshaya and VaataPrakopa Central depression in the Taaluis called as TaaluPaata.


MaatrikaaDosha / Ahipootana / Prisht`aaru / GudaKut`t`a / Anaamika

Due to the poor hygiene (Malopalepa at the Guda), there is Vran`a which is caused due to vitiation of Rakta andKapha. It is copper coloured. There is itching. It has got many complications. It is called as MaatrikaaDosha /Ahipootana / Prisht`aaru / GudaKut`t`a / Anaamika.


Vaata Dusht`a StanyajanyaVikaara

A child suffers from the diseases having Vaata Dosha dominance.

Its Svara becomes Kshaama. He becomes weak. There is constipation (BaddhaVit` MootraMaaruta).


Pitta Dusht`aStanyajanyaVikaara

There is perspiration (Svinna), PureeshaBhedaKamaalaa and other Pitta dominant diseases. He suffers fromTrishn`aa. The body temperature rises.



Excessive salivation.

suffers from other Kapha dominant diseases

A child becomes sleepy and Jad`a (senses not attending the orders). There is oedema on the face, eyes.




It manifests with the symptoms dominated by two Dosha.



It manifests with the symptoms dominated by all the three Dosha.



This is caused due to the KsheeraDosha. It manifests in the children only. It manifests on the Vartma.

An itching and continous secretion through eyes.

A child rubs his forehead, AkshiKoot`a, Naasaa.

A child can not look at the sun rays / sunlight. He can not open his eyes.


Paarigarbhika / Paribhava / Ahin`d`ee

When breast feeding to child, is going on by a pregnant mother, Various lakshan`a develops.

 Kaasa, Agnisaada, Vamathu,

 Tandraa, Kaars`hya, Aruchi and Bhrama.


It is also called as Paribhava or Ahin`d`ee.



It is a fatal disease (Praan`aNaas`haka). Its onset is from Basti and S`hira. It has the colour of Padma. It is caused due to vitiation of all the three Dosha. It may spread from S`hamkha to Hridaya and Hridaya to Guda.


Ajagallikaa and Ahipootanaa

These are explained in the KshudraRoga which manifests amongst the children only.


Other Diseases

Jvara etc. diseases which are explained in the text are equally in similar way manifested in the children.



Due to Vaayu, there is inflation of the Naabhi causing pain called as Tun`d`iNaabhi.


  1. Aayaama– Deerghataa
  2. Vyaayaama –Vistaara
  3. Uttun`d`itaa– where there is both Aayaama and Vyaayaama DeerghaPeenatvayutaa
  4. Pin`d`alikaa– Pariman`d`alaYutaa
  5. Vinaamikaa– oedematous at the periphery and depressed centrally.
  6. Vijrimbhikaa – This gets inflated repeatedly.






S.U.27, A.H.U.3


BaalaanaamGrahaahBaalaGrahaah | A.H.U.3 Arun`adatta.



In the old age, these are created by the S`hiva for the safety of Kaartikeya.


Causes of GrahaBaadhaa

Due to unwholesome behavioral conduct these Graha seize the children. However three main causes are for GrahaBaadhaa are Himsaa,Rati and Abhyarchanaa. These are the intentions of various Graha to affect children.


Symptoms of Grahabaadhaa















Types of GrahaRoga


o       Skanda

o       Vis`haakhaa

o       Mesha / Naigamesha

o       S`hvagraha

o       Pitri


o       S`hakuni

o       Pootanaa

o       S`heetapootanaa

o       Adrisht`iPootanaa / AndhaPootanaa

o       MukhaMan`d`itikaa

o       Revatee

o       S`hushkaRevatee

GrahaRoga from Vaagbhat`a and Sus`hruta


Asht`aangaHridaya Sus`hruta
Skanda Skanda (Skandha)
Vis`haakha Skandaapasmaara (SkandaSakhaa / SkandaDayitaa / Vis`haakha
Mesha / Naigamesha Naigamesha
Pitri Pitri
S`hakuni S`hakuni
Pootanaa Pootanaa
S`heetapootanaa S`heetapootanaa
Adrisht`iPootanaa / AndhaPootanaa AndhaPootanaa
MukhaMan`d`itikaa MukhaMan`d`itikaa / VaktraMan`d`ikaa
Revatee Revatee
S`hushkaRevatee S`hushkaRevatee





o       Sampoorn`aLakshan`a

o       HimsaajanyaGraharoga



o       RatijanyaGraharoga



o       Asampoorn`aLakshan`a

o       AlpaKaalaPeed`ita

o       AbhyarchanaajanyaGraharoga





Ksheeraalasaka S`hosha Taalukan`t`aka TaaluPaata Ahipootana Kukoon`aka Paarigarbhika / Paribhava / Ahin`d`ee MahaapadmaVisarpa Tun`d`eeNaabhi
Rogamaarga Baahya  
Svabhaava AtiDaarun`a  
Avayava Sarvaanga









Guda NetraVartma Kosht`ha









Dosha Tri DoshaPrakopa KaphaDusht`i KaphaPrakopa


VaataPrakopa KaphaPrakopa KaphaPrakopa VaataPrakopa TridoshaPrakopa VaataPrakopa
Dhaatu Rasa

Rasa Dusht`i

Rasa Dusht`i Maamsa Majjaa Rakta Rasa Rasa Rakta  
Mala Mootra


Srotas Rasa



Rasa Majjaa Rakta Rasa Rasa Rakta  


(Ahipootana is also called as Prisht`aaru, GudaKut`t`a, Anaamika or MaatrikaaDosha)


Comparative study of BaalaRoga




Baala Roga Chikitsaa


  1. Chi.20/3,A.H.U.2



The diseases occurring from the time from birth to 16 years (as Baala is defined as that period of time between birth and sixteen years of age) are called as Baalaroga. They are slightly different from diseases of adults and need special attention and treatment.


There are number of diseases which can affect the children and which have line of treatment similar to those of adults with some restriction in use of dosage forms and therapies.



The treatment of diseases in children should be done similar to adults but the medicines should be mild.

Dose of the medicine should be small (Kaneeyasee Maatraa) as children are delicate (Sukumaara Alpakaaya) and eat small quantity (amount and food items) of food (Sarva Anna Anupasevana).

Basti should be replaced by Virechana and Mars`ha Nasya should be replaced by Pratimars`ha Nasya inPanchakarma Saadhya Diseases.

In Ksheeraada and Ksheeraannaada Baalaka i.e., In breast fed children before weaning, the medicine is applied to the nipple and areola of the nursing mother before each feed.


Vis`hesha Chikitsaa:


Gudakut`t`a – It is also known as AhipootanaaMaatrikaa DoshaPrisht`aaru as well as Anaamika. It requires a two fold treatment as follows:


 Ajagallikaa – It is type of Kshudra Roga seen in children. It is a type of pustule caused by vitiated Vaata and KaphaDosha.




Apasmaara, Unmaada: These are similar to those seen in adults. Vaagbhat`a has given Laakshaadi Taila for their treatment in children.


Baala S`hosha – it is caused by the blockade in the Srotas by vitiated Kapha.



Baala Chhardi –There is some difference between infantsand children. In children it is similar to those seen in adults.

In infants thebaby vomits every time after consuming milk (Peetam Peetam Vamati).




Ativishaa alone is the best medicine for Kaasa (cough), Chhardi (vomiting) and Jvara (fever) in children.


Dantodbhedaja Baala Roga – Eruption of teeth (the process of developing and teething) is one of the foremost reasons for a number of diseases in children.


These can vary from Jvara, Kaasa, Pratis`hyaaya, Atisaara, Visarpa to diseases of eye like Abhishyanda and Pothakee.



  • As children always consume milk andghee products they are alwaysSnigdha,hence can be givenSadya Vamana.
  • The child should be Breast fed tillsatisfaction and thenVamanashould be administered.
  • If the child isAnnaada(food eating)Ghrita Yukta Peyaashould be givenbeforeVamana.
  • WhenBastiis indicated for the stage ofVyaadhi,Virechanashould be given to the child instead ofBasti.
  • WhenMars`ha Nasyais indicated for the stage ofVyaadhi,Pratimars`ha Nasyashould be given to the child instead ofMars`ha.(These should repeated asper need)



S`hoola-it is mainly due to consumption of vitiated breastmilk or incompatible food. It can manifest asHrits`hoola, Basti S`hoola, Guhya S`hoola, S`hirah S`hoolaetc. Ifit is due to vitiated milk following treatment should be done.




Ksheeraalasaka: It is disease caused by breast milk vitiated by all the three Dosha. It is a serious disease and needs special attention and quick effective treatment to both the child as well as the mother.



Even after this treatment if the disease remains unresolved, then it should be treated according to present complaints examining all the factors including Kaala (Vyaadhi AvasthaaDosha Avasthaa etc).


Mrittikaa Bhakshan`ajanya Roga – These can be anything from Paan`d`oo to Krimi Roga etc. The main treatment of it is to eliminate the habit of eating soil. It should be treated by S`hodhana, S`hamana including Paat`haadi Ghrita for diseases caused by soil eating.



Taalukan`t`ka It is caused due to the vitiated Kapha Dosha. Due to this it produces depression at the anterior fontanele on the head.



Preventive measures The diseases in children are mainly caused by the vitiated milk or food. To keep the children away from diseases one has to see that the milk he / she are consuming is free from vitiation. The mother should be healthy. The food consumed by the mother should be wholesome and healthy.



Search Anveshaka:

Search Dravya, Kalpa, Aahaara, Vihaara and Chikitsaa Karma

Vyaadhi and Adhikaara

o       Baala Roga

o       Baala specific Avasthaa in various Vyaadhi

Karma – Stanya S`hodhana



Baalagraha Chikitsaa


A.H.U.3, S.U.27-37



The disease occurs due to non-cleanliness and affects deeply both body and the mind. Hence three fold treatment is advised as follows.

Yuktivyapaas`hraya – Symptomatic treatment related to body

Satvaavajaya As`hvaasaka (consoling), which comes as part of Daivavyapaas`hraya.

Daivavyapaas`hraya These types of treatment help in removing the bad effects caused by evil spirits.


Saamaanya Chikitsaa

The first factor of importance in the treatment is maintaining clean and sacred atmosphere around the affected child.

The person looking after the child should refrain from Madya (consumption of alcohol), Maamsa (consumption of meat) and Vyavaaya (sexual gratification).

The room should be clean and neat and should have fire, pious flowers and plants inside.

A lamp of Sarshapa Taila should be kept lit in the room to make the room free from evil effects.

Sarshapa should be used extensively for Rakshoghna Karma, seeds for Dhoopana, for spreading over the land, its oil for lighting the lamp.

Baby should be massaged with Puraan`a Ghrita and given bath with consecrated water.



Vis`hesha Chikitsaa






Parisheka Abhyanga Ghrita



Dhoopana Dhaaran`a Bali Karma Rakshaa




Vaataghna Moola Siddha Taila Devadaar-vyaadi Draavya Siddha Sarshapa Sarpa-nirmokaadi Somavalee,


S`hamee, Bilvakan`ta`ka,



Rakta Varn`a Dravya Skanda Stuti,


Surasaadi Gan`a, Bilva, S`hireesha, Golomee Sarva Gandha Dravya Ksheeree vriksha, Kaakolyaadi Gan`a Utsaadana-Vachaa + Hingu, Anantaa, Kukkut`ee, Bimbee, Markat`ee At road cross square, noon, evening or mid-night Skanda-apasmaara Stuti


Vetasaadi Pradeha – Madhukaadi,

Vran`a Chikitsaa for Vran`a

Ghritapaana – Skandaapasmaarokta

Skandokta S`hataavaree, Indravaarun`ee, Naagadantee, Kan`t`akaaree,

Lakshman`aa, Sahadevaa, Brihatee

At the base of Karanja Vriksha, at night Poojaa, S`hakunee Stuti


As`hvagandhaadi Kusht`haadi Taila Laakshaadi Ghrita Pradeha – Kulatthaadi Varun`a, Nimba, Sindhuvaara, Putranjeeva At Goteertha, Snaana atNadee Sangama Revatee Poojaa,

Mantra, Stuti

Dhoopana – Gridhraadi


Braahmyaadi Vachaadi Taila Tugaaksheeryaadi Devadaarvaadi, Gandha-Naakulyaadi Kaakaadanee, Chitraphalaa, Bimbee, Gunjaa At S`hoonya Griha Pootanaa Poojaa, Mantra, Stuti


Tikta Druma Patra Suraadi Taila Pippalyaadi Ghrita Pradeha – Sarvagandhaadi Kukkut`ee, Markat`ee, Anantaa AtChatushpathaor inside empty house Snaana SarvaGandhodaka
Dhoopana – Kukkut`a Pureeshaadi Andhapootanaa Stuti


Kapitthaadi Bastamootraadi Taila Rihin`yaadi Ghrita Gridhraadi Lambaa, Gunjaa, Kaakaadanee At river bank, or middle of the river Snaana at Jalaas`haya
S`heetapootanaa Stuti


Kapitthaadi Bhringa Vrikshaadi Sneha Madhoolikaadi Ghrita Vachaadi Chaasha Jihvaa, Cheeralli Jihvaa, Sarpa Jihvaa Gosht`ha Madhye Snaana Gaayatree Mantra Siddha Jala
Mukhaman`d`ikaa Stuti


Bilvaadi Prayangvaadi Taila Das`hamoolaadi Ghrita Dhaaran`a and Utsaadana – Vachaa, Vayasthaa, Golomee, Jat`ilaa,

Dhoopana – Siddhaarthakaadi, Markat`aadi

At the base of Vat`a on Shasht`hi Snaana at the base of Vat`a Vriksha
Naigamesha Stuti
Vishaakha, Pitri, Mesha, S`hva, S`hushkarevatee Saamaanya Chikitsaa, Dhoopana Markat`aadi Dhoopana (Navagrahaadi Dhoopai).

Preventive measures Cleanliness of other and child. Do not hit or threaten the child; do not make the child over exited or cry.





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