Nasya Karma



 Nasya is one among the Panchakarma treatment. Nasya by its name it tells related to nose. it is a procedure in which medicine is applied through the nasal cavity or nasal routes.

It is mainly indicated in the diseases of head because nasal cavity is directly connected anatomically to the structures of head therefore it is considered as the natural route to the head. It is easy to apply medicine through this route. When medicine is applied through nasal cavity, it directly spreads to the following parts

  • Para nasal sinuses
  • Through naso-lacrimal duct to the eye
  • Through the naso-pharynx to the throat
  • Through Eustacian tube to the middle ear
  • From the middle ear to the intracranial spaces

                           Because of these anatomical communications the medicine applied through the nasal cavity reaches all these areas.

Since nose is the gateway of the head, the therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases pertaining to the head,if it is performed systematically. The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of head.There by improving the process of oxygenation which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain.

Nasya karma is mainly indicated in the diseases of head. But it can be done in many other conditions which affects the structures other than head, as head is the center for all the central nervous as well as other functions through out body.

Nasya has direct and sudden action over body because there is no time delay for digestion of medicines.for internal medications like kashaya,gutika etc (forms of medicine in ayurveda). It will take some time for digestion therefore the action will takes place depending upon the absorption and assimilation. But in the case of nasya it directly absorbed through the mucous lining of the structures by those are getting direct and sudden action.

Therapeutic goals of nasya

  • Purification
  • Nourishment
  • Stimulation
  • Strengthening

Importance of nasya karma

  • Best method to eliminate vitiated doshas from head region.
  • Procedure which directly influence the sense organs.
  • Better chance of absorption through blood vessels.
  • This gives nourishing, pacifying and purifying effects according to the type of nasya.etc

Actions of nasya

  • Stimulation of the vital centres.
  • Nourishing the tissues.
  • Clearing the channels
  • Absorption through nasal mucosa is quiet rapid
  • Remove congestion
  • Correcting the neuro-vascular anomalies
  • Improves oxygenation etc.

Benefits of nasya karma

  • Enhance the activity of sense organs
  • Act as preventive therapy against diseases of head region.
  • Prevent early aging process
  • Ensures proper and healthy growth of hair.
  • Highly effective of ophthalmic diseases,different kind of headaches,paralysis,mental diseases,neurological diseases,premature graying of hairs etc.
  • It help to relieve stress and emotional imbalance
  • It can be used as preventive therapy,curative therapy or rejuvenation therapy.
  • It also applicable in healthy persons for keeping up the power of Sense organs in head and to stimulate central nervous system.

Indications of Nasya Therapy

  • Ophthalmic diseases
  • Neurological diseases of brain origin
  • Diseases of neck
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches of various origin
  • loss of smell and taste
  • Some gynecological diseases
  • Psychiatric diseases etc.

Contra- indications of Nasya

  • Nasya should not be done immediately after bath
  • Immediately after intake.of heavy food.
  • After use of alcohol
  • During pregnancy
  • Under natural urges
  • Puerperal period
  • Acute rhinitis etc
  • Marsha nasya contra-indicated below 7 years and above 80 years

(even for contraindicated persons,in emergency condition nasya can be done)

Classification of nasya

  • Based on the dose of nasya oushadha
  1. Marsha Nasya – Nasya oushadha taken in higher dose and is a therapy for a particular reason or                      diseases. dose is depending upon the condition. it is indicated above 7 year and below 80 years.
  2. Pratimarsha nasya – Here dose of nasya oushadha is very less. wholesome even from birth it self. Given in all seasons and all age group
  • Based on action
  1. Virechana nasya – Elimination Line Of Nasya
  2. Brimhana nasya – Nourishing Type of Nasya
  3. Samana nasya     – Pacifying Nature
  • Based on action & form of medicines used
  1. Navana nasya
  2. Avapida nasya
  3. Pradhamana nasya
  4. Dhuma nasya
  5. Pratimarsha nasya
  • Acc to form of medicines used
  1. Swarasa
  2. Kashaya
  3. Taila
  4. Ghrita
  5. Madhu
  6. Water
  7. Choorna

Nasya Procedure




Poorva karma

  • Advice not to take food before marsha nasya.
  • Talam should be done.
  • Mild massage to neck,face,forehead,shoulders etc.
  • Fomentation with hot towel/nadi sweda.

Pradhana karma

  • Patient should lie in a cot in a room which is devoid of high breeze.
  • Neck should be slightly extended
  • Prescribed dose of medicine taken in gokarna
  • Slightly warm the nasya medicine
  • Raise the tip of the nose with middle finger and pour it in each nostril
  • Use index and ring fingers to close the nostrils alternatively
  • Patient is adviced to inhale the medicine slowly

Paschat karma

  • After application of medicine, massage should be done at face,below ear,neck etc.
  • Patient is asked to spit out sputum came in the mouth
  • The talam should be wiped off & dry powder(used for preparing talam) is gently rubbed over the anterior frontanalae.
  • Kabala or gandusha or dhupana should done depending on condition


  • If head is not sufficiently bent Nasya dravya will not enter the head.
  • If patient talk,sneeze,laughs or get angry or excessively moves head while doing procedure,the nasya medicine won’t reach expected site.
  • Don’t take bath during Nasya procedure


  • Avoid exposure  to dust,sun,breeze
  • Avoid drinking cold water
  • Avoid head bath
  • Avoid excessive walking
  • Exposure to cold- fan,AC
  • Face wash with cold water


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