According to Ayurveda, Itching in the Eyes is caused due to increase or Vridhi of Kapha dosha.

In such case one should decrease the intake of food items that may cause Kapha dosha vridhi for eg:- Oily foods etc.

Medicines that decrease Kapha dosha are to be given in such cases.

Eye wash using Kashaya prepared out of Triphala alone or combination of Triphala and Haridra is also good.


  1. I am 49 years old female Sikh. I have been suffering form GERD since 2010. This medical problem has caused me so much of chest pain and I am always coughing when ever i talk or speak, In the morning i have bitterness in my saliva and my stomach is always bloated and I burp a-lot. I am an End-stage kidney failure patient. I have been on dialysis for 14 years. I got my medical problem in June 2000 and I was on dialysis on 24th March 2001. I am not a diabetic and I also do not have hyper-tension. My left and right kidney they are 5 cm in size. My kidney failure is due to unknown causes. The other things is that I have this weird carving for eating red bricks. My doctor says it called the PICA syndrome. Your kind help and advice, will be sincerely appreciated. Parmjit Kaur


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