Yoga & Ayurveda Relation

Aims of Ayurveda & Yoga are same ie. Attainment of salvation. Health is a main root through which, one can acieve salvation. In Caraka samhita, Sarira sthana vast references of yoga is available. Recurrence of all feeling are blocked through yoga & moksa. The complete eradication of feelings are attained through yoga & moksa. The complete...

Why Yoga ? How Important It is ?

Why Yoga
Yoga is the science which deals with gaining intellectual balance in happiness and misery and gaining theability to think and act.   A Brief History About Yoga History always helps to understand the subject more accurately. Here also it is helpful to consider the social, religious, mechanical and spiritual status of that time, when yoga originated. In Patanjalis,...

Yoga – A Essential Part Of Ayurvedic Life

Yoga - A Essential Part Of Ayurvedic Life     Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ and also from root ‘Yujir’ meaning to unite or integrate.This union refers to the union of Jeevatma and paramatma i.e., the union of individual consciousness with the cosmic or divine consciousness.   Yoga is skilful trick to calm down the mind....