Yoga – A Essential Part Of Ayurvedic Life




Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ and also from root ‘Yujir’ meaning to unite or integrate.This union refers to the union of Jeevatma and paramatma i.e., the union of individual consciousness with the cosmic or divine consciousness.


Yoga is skilful trick to calm down the mind. Thereby you can take the control of your mind, body. It is getting popular nowadays as a medicine. When you look into different aspects, can see that, the traditions or things which our ancestors followed are now coming as medicine for different disease conditions. Why it is so ? In those days they used these as Prevention, and added them to their daily life. But because of our sedentary life we are affected with 100s of disease and looking for cure.

Yoga have great importance, it is in Ayurveda and because of its wider aspect, later developed into separate science. Here we will discuss about Different Yogas, Asanas And How to follow them.




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