™Following rules are mentioned about Yogasanas to get maxi­mum benefit:


  • Yogasanas should be done in the morning. It is preferable to practice them after bathing because bathing makes the body light and fresh, thereby increasing its elasticity. It should be done on empty stomach.
  • The place of asanas must be clean and peaceful. A good smooth lawn or a garden is preferable. Whatever is the space available preference should always be given to place, which has enough ventilation and fresh air.
  • A blanket or Yoga mattress should be spread on ground.
  • Never talk while doing asanas. Your attention should be on your breath. Greater the concentration, the greater the advantage to the body and mind.
  • Always start with simple and easy asanas. Do not start the next asana until your breath has become normal after the first asana.
  • Increase your practice of asanas gradually. Patience and faith are required to do asanas regularly.
  • Asanas should be done with minimum of clothes on body depending on the season.
  • A Yoga practitioner is required to pay due attention to his food. It should have sattvik qualities like light, easily digest­ible, fresh, little sweet and not spicy.
  • You can judge yourself the advantages of asanas. If your body becomes fresh and if it is free from tiredness, light and active and if you feel your working power is increased you should conclude that the asanas are having the desired effects on your body.
  • Do asanas and pranayama for one hour and after that you should not eat anything for at least half an hour.




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