Specific Feature of Yoga Postures


Following Points are to be Remembered,


  • Yoga postures are to be performed in a slow, steady and rhythmic manner. All the jerky and hurried movements of body and limbs should be avoided.
  • They should not be performed laboriously by stretching one beyond limits, but should be done with least amount of efforts.
  • Yogasanas are not to be practiced only as a physical exercise, but for complete self-development.
  • While doing the postures, your breathing should remain even and natural.
  • Yoga postures should be performed in a serene, relaxed and effortlessly attentive state of mind. It is a meditative state of mind in which it is free of thoughts.
  • After you reach the final position of a particular Yogasa- na, stay tuned with that position for some time. Make that it is not physically tiring or overtaxing on you.
  • Yoga postures and other practices should become an inte­gral part of your daily living and not just a fleeting, impulsive practice of a few days or few weeks. That is why, instead of wasting time in learning and practicing many postures for a few days, you should take to long term view and select only a limited number of such postures, but practice them diligent­ly throughout your life time.


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