Sarvangasana   This is the exercise for whole body means sarvangasana Lie comfortably on your back. Arms straight and by the side of your body. lift your legs keeping them close to each other and straight in the knees until you reach ninety degrees. Continue lifting your back giving support from behind with the help of...


Simhasana   Simha means lion. This is the pose of roaring like a lion. Steps Sit in Padmasana. Put your knees on the ground and lean on your hands, face towards the Sun, the waist bent down­ward, open your mouth and let the rays of the sun enter it, take out your tongue fix your eyes on tip of...


Shavasana   Shava means dead body. Steps Lie comfortably on the ground. Keep your legs spread apart at about one and half to two feet distance. Turn your feet outwards and keep them relaxed and at ease. Keep your arms about one foot distance away from the side of your body. Turn your attention to different parts of the body, starting from...


Mayurasana   Mayura means peacock so it is called as peacock posture as body in this asana re­sembles peacock. Sit on your knees, bend a little forward, join your el­bows together and rest your palms on ground, keeping distance of 3-4 inches be­tween the two wrists. Bring down your abdomen slowly on your joined elbows, balancing...


Matsyendrasana     Steps ™Sit on the floor with both the legs stretched out in front, of hold the left leg a the knee and bring the knee near the chest. Keeping the right leg on the floor, fold it at the knee. With the help of the hands, draw the right heel along the floor towards the perineum...


Dhanurasana   The word dhanu in Sanskrit means bow. The body resembles like a bow in this asana. Lie down on ground with face downward. Bend your legs and grasp your ankles with your hands keeping all five fingers of your each hand on inner side of legs. Bend your neck backwards and look at the...

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