Mayurasana   Mayura means peacock so it is called as peacock posture as body in this asana re­sembles peacock. Sit on your knees, bend a little forward, join your el­bows together and rest your palms on ground, keeping distance of 3-4 inches be­tween the two wrists. Bring down your abdomen slowly on your joined elbows, balancing...


Bhujangasana       Steps   Lie down with your face downward touching the ground with forehead. Let your palms touch the ground just near your shoulders. Raise your head and neck and start inhaling. Go on raising the chest and abdomen up to your navel. Give maximum curve to chest and abdomen. Stay in this position for few minutes,...

Why Yoga ? How Important It is ?

Why Yoga
Yoga is the science which deals with gaining intellectual balance in happiness and misery and gaining theability to think and act.   A Brief History About Yoga History always helps to understand the subject more accurately. Here also it is helpful to consider the social, religious, mechanical and spiritual status of that time, when yoga originated. In Patanjalis, yoga...

Yoga Postures or Yogasnanas

Here we will see different Yoga postures or Asanas. We will explain step by step instruction for following it. We advice you to take a consultation with us before starting the practice.   Gomukhasana Sarpasana Dhanurasana Matsyendrasana Mayurasana Shavasana Simhasana Sarvangasana Pavanmuktasana Bhujangasana Vajrasana Suptavajrasana Matsyasana Chakrasana Halasana Shalabhasana Suryananaskara (Sun Salute)


Suptavajrasana   Steps   First sit in Vajrasana, stand up your knees and set your feet apart. The feet will again in lying position. Place your hand on front of your feet. Bend backward and let your elbows rest on ground one by one. Hang your neck back- Ward. Stretch your hands backward while inhaling. Remove gap...


Dhanurasana   The word dhanu in Sanskrit means bow. The body resembles like a bow in this asana. Lie down on ground with face downward. Bend your legs and grasp your ankles with your hands keeping all five fingers of your each hand on inner side of legs. Bend your neck backwards and look at the...

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