Sarvangasana   This is the exercise for whole body means sarvangasana Lie comfortably on your back. Arms straight and by the side of your body. lift your legs keeping them close to each other and straight in the knees until you reach ninety degrees. Continue lifting your back giving support from behind with the help of...


Dhanurasana   The word dhanu in Sanskrit means bow. The body resembles like a bow in this asana. Lie down on ground with face downward. Bend your legs and grasp your ankles with your hands keeping all five fingers of your each hand on inner side of legs. Bend your neck backwards and look at the...

Rules and Techniques Of Yoga

™Following rules are mentioned about Yogasanas to get maxi­mum benefit:   Yogasanas should be done in the morning. It is preferable to practice them after bathing because bathing makes the body light and fresh, thereby increasing its elasticity. It should be done on empty stomach. The place of asanas must be clean and peaceful. A good smooth...

Yogasanas – Complete guide to follow Yoga daily

Before Entering into the Different Techniques to follow, I will discuss some of the basics here, From next page you can get the different postures.  Even though these explanation feels like philosophy, it is better to read once before going for the practice.   What is Yoasanas ?   That which gives stability to the body and mind...

Yoga Postures or Yogasnanas

Here we will see different Yoga postures or Asanas. We will explain step by step instruction for following it. We advice you to take a consultation with us before starting the practice.   Gomukhasana Sarpasana Dhanurasana Matsyendrasana Mayurasana Shavasana Simhasana Sarvangasana Pavanmuktasana Bhujangasana Vajrasana Suptavajrasana Matsyasana Chakrasana Halasana Shalabhasana Suryananaskara (Sun Salute)


Bhujangasana       Steps   Lie down with your face downward touching the ground with forehead. Let your palms touch the ground just near your shoulders. Raise your head and neck and start inhaling. Go on raising the chest and abdomen up to your navel. Give maximum curve to chest and abdomen. Stay in this position for few minutes,...

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