Disease Treatments

Unmada Treatment in Ayurveda

Unmada Treatment   According to Acharya Sushrutha, Develoment of Delusion with mind agitation, Sound Hallucination, Showing interest to work eventhough bestowed with weaknes, Tastlesness, dreaming about contaminated food, Vertigo,  Vata causing a bewildered feeling etc are the Premonitary symptoms of Unmada. And the main symptoms include, Instability of Mind and intellect, Anxiety, Vision becomes blurred or blank,...

Vatarakta Chikitsa – Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda

Vatarakta Chikitsa - Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda     For Education & Reference Purpose. Please consult with Ayurveda doctor for treatment   Saamaanya Chikitsaa:   Raktamokshan`a: It can be carried out by two ways taking Bala (strength of the patient) and Dosha into consideration. Prachchhaana Siraamokshan`a Raktamokshan`a should be carried out in Vaatarakta, where there is Raaga, Rujaa and Daaha. Virechana: It is useful to reduce Kapha and Medas Snehana should be carried...

Pandu Roga Chikitsa/Treatment for Anemia in Ayurveda

Chikitsaa Description: The disease in which colour of the skin becomes Paan`d`u Varn`a i.e Ketaki Dhoola Sannibha (Yellowish white) is called as Paan`d`uroga. It is of five types as below- o Vaataja o Pittaja o Kaphaja o Sannipaataja o Mridbhakshan`ajanya   Synonyms: - Kaamalaa , Apaanakee, Laagharaka, Alasakhya, Kumbhaahvyaa.   Saamanya Chikitsaa: S`hodhana o       Vamana + Virechana S`hamana o       Kalpa + S`hopha Adhikaarokta Kalpa Vaataja à Sneha Pradhaana Pittaja à Tikta + S`heeta Kaphaja à Kat`u + Tikta + Rooksha + Ushn`a Mridbhakshan`ajanya à Teekshn`a S`hodhana Sannipaataja à Mis`hra   Description of Saamaanya Chikitsaa: The basic treatment of Paan`d`uroga is as below. o       Vamana and Virechana (S`hodhana) should be...

Worm Infestation (KrimiRogaChikits in Ayurveda)

Worm Infestation(KrimiRogaChikits in Ayurveda)   There are mainly 3 types of Management in KrimiChikitsa Apakarshana:- Apakarshana means extraction of Krimi with the help of instruments etc, it is also mentioned that Krimi residing inside the body should be eliminated out with some of the Shodhana( elimination) therapies like Sirovirechana, Vamana, Virechana( Purgation), Vasthi (Enema). 2.PrakritiVighatha:- In this step...

Rajayakshma Chikitsa

  Synonyms: S`hosha -This is a disease in which a person gets wasted, dried out. Yakshmaa-A disease with many complications like S`hvaasa, Kaasa, etc. (It is a disease which needs continuous monitoring and attention like a deity.) Kshaya it lowers down the physical and mental activities.   Raajayakshmaa is a disease having: Many diseases as prodromal signs. It is very difficult to assess a disease as...

Grahanee Chikitsaa

  Introduction: Grahan`ee is a disease of impaired activity of Agni, hence Agnideepana and Paachana is basic treatment.   Examination of Pureesha: It is very important to examine the Pureesha whether it is Aama or Pakva. This examination helps physician to select proper treatment option. Pakva Pureesha: (perfectly processed) Floats on the water whereas, Aama Pureesha: Sinks down to the bottom of water due to its Guru nature.   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Langhana Paachana. Agnideepana Dosha specific treatment   Vis`hesha Chikitsaa: Vaataja Grahan`ee:       Pittaja Grahan`ee: Pitta aggravated at its own...

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