Disease Treatments

Bhagandara/Fistula in Ano treatment in Ayurveda

  Bhagandara  Introduction: Bhagandara is laceration of anal region (fistula). According to Sus`hruta it is one of the Mahaavyaadhi.   Nirukti: o       Te Tu Bhaga Guda Basti Prades`ha Daaran`aat Cha Bhagandaraa Iti Uchyante | o       Bhagam Parisamantaat Cha Gudam Bastim Tathaa Eva Cha | o       Bhagam Daarayati Tasmaat Tat Dnyeyo Bhagandarah || M. N. 46/1 Madhukos`ha   Whenever an Pid`akaa (abscess) formed at the sites like perineal region (Bhaga), anal region (Guda) and bladder region (Basti) bursts out after...

Sinusitis Ayurvedic Treatment

Sinusitis Ayurvedic Treatment Healthy sinuses are filled with air. Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses.  But when the Sinus become blocked and filled with fluid, germs can grow and cause an infection. Conditions that can cause sinus blockage include: Allergic rhinitis, which is swelling of the lining of the nose ...

Sannyasa/Coma Treatment in Ayurveda

    Introduction: Sannyaasa is a severe state where patient does not awakes and does not get cured without medicines. Aggravated Dosha causes irritation in the actions of Vaak, Deha and Manas. Sannyaasa is caused due to the Saannipaatika Dosha which are harbored in Praan`aayatana. Since the condition is very severe it requires immediate treatment or else the prognosis is very bad, even the person can die due to this.   Chikitsaa: Procedures: o       Teekshn`a...

Chhardi Chikitsaa/Treatment for Vomiting in Ayurveda

  Pathogenesis of Chhardi Increased Dosha are expelled out in upward direction through mouth it is called as Chhardi (Vomiting or Sickness). It is an acute condition and if neglected can lead to acute dehydration and further complications.   Types of Chhardi Chhardi is of five types. Vaataja Pittaja Kaphaja Tridoshaja Dvisht`aarthajaa (Bheebhtsajaa) o       Dauhridajaa due to insult of likings of pregnant woman o       Aamajaa in diseases like Visoochikaa o       Saatmyaprakopajaa (Saatmya Tyaagaat) suddenly giving up the Saatmya. o       Krimijaa due to worms   Saamanya Chikitsaa All types of Chaardi have the same...

Vyapad Chikitsa/Treatment for Complications

  References: Vyaapad -- Vamana, Virechana C.Si.6, S.Chi.34, A.H.ka.3 Vyaapad -- Sneha C.Si.4, A.H.ka.3 Vyaapad -- Basti C.Si.7, A.H.ka.3 Anuvaasana Uttara S.Chi. 37. Nirooha S.Chi.38, C.Si.3 Netra Basti Vyaapad C.Si.5, A.H.ka.5, S.Chi.36 Atturopadrava Chikitsaa S.Chi 39   Introductuion: The term Vyaapad has various denotations, complicated condition occurred due to inadequate consumption of diet or improper administration of drugs or surgical/ therapeutic procedure called Vyaapad. Vyaapad may also be due to some causative factors associated with lifestyle.   Following Vyaapad are mentioned in classical text- Sneha Vyaapad Vamana...

Madaatyayta, Dhvamsaka, Vikshaya – Alcohol addiction

  Introduction: These are diseases caused by inappropriate consumption of Madya (alcohol or liquor). If any of the Madya (Suraa)should be prepared and consumed as per rules and regulations for its benefits and to avoid unwanted effects.   Though there are different types of liquors mentioned in the text (Naama Vis`hesha), though they are prepared from different origins like leaves, roots etc....

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