Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Overall Health
Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Overall Health

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Overall Health

If you’re interested in finding out the best Ayurvedic medicine for your overall health, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss how to determine your prakriti and dosha imbalance. We’ll also discuss what the best Ayurvedic cure for a specific disease might be, and we’ll give you some dietary tips based on your dosha type.

How to determine your prakriti

In Ayurvedic philosophy, every individual has a unique constitution or prakriti, a combination of physical and psychological attributes. This prakriti influences how a person behaves, thinks, and functions. It is stable throughout the lifetime, and remains unchanged till death. In Ayurveda, prevention of illness is of utmost importance,

By virtue of Prakruti the chances of getting a disease of that related dosha is comparatively higher. For eg: A Vata prakruti person is more prone to Vataja disorders if they takes or indulges Vata aggravating diet or regimens respectively. Depending on the individual’s prakriti, a practitioner can select appropriate remedies that balance the doshas in the body which can be considered as the Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Overall Health .This is even considered while advising Diet and regimens.

How to determine your dosha imbalance

Ayurveda recognizes five main elements in the body that combine to create doshas. Ayurveda recommends adjusting your lifestyle and diet in relation with Dosha imbalance to bring balance in the equilibrium of Dosha, So that the patient can be healthy again.

A qualified Doctor can tell understand about your Dosha imbalance. By analyzing your symptoms, he will come to a conclusion about the dosha aggravated in the body and to what extend the aggravation of dosha has happened. The medicines, diet, daily regiments etc recommended by a practitioner are designed to prevent Dosha Imbalance and improve health.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Overall Health

Ayurveda says that the basic constitution of our Body and the mother nature is Panchamahabhuta , So whenever a change happens in nature ( for eg: climatic changes) our body also tends to have some dosha imbalance. As mentioned earlier whenever there is Dosha imbalance it results in a disease, So in order to prevent such diseases Medicines, external ayurvedic therapies, Diets, Regimens are mentioned especially to expel or pacify the vitiated doshas.

Not only related to climatic changes, our body will have dosha imbalance based on different timings of a day. That is why in Dinacharya regimens are strictly recommended in Ayurveda

Other than these two reasons Dosha imbalance can also occur due to the diet one follows or due to the daily regimen one follows.

A Doctor will consider all these triggers for Dosha imbalance and also will consider the prakruti of the patient to arrive at the best Ayurvedic medicine for overall health.

Ayurveda offers an array of treatments that address diseases and promote overall health. The practice of yoga and meditation is particularly beneficial. Ayurvedic herbs and treatments can also combat depression. The body’s toxins are eliminated through a variety of methods, including enemas, purgation, and oil massages. Dietary changes that improve blood circulation and reduce plaque buildup also support healthy heart function.

Ayurveda views perfect health as the balance of three aspects of the human body. It also emphasizes the unbreakable connection between body, mind, and spirit. This connection extends to the larger universe, where everything is made from the same five gross elements. In addition, humans are deeply connected to their environment. Some herbal products may contain heavy metals, making them potentially harmful to your health. Ayurveda does, however, offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional medical care.

Dietary tips for your dosha imbalance

As mentioned earlier Dietary tips will be advised by an Ayurvedic Doctor only after a proper consultation, So that he will first analyze the prakruti of a patient and will consider Dosha imbalance to mention a proper Diet.

For eg in Kapha dosha imbalance, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are best for them. The best time to eat them is before eight am. You should also avoid consuming cold foods such as coffee or alcohol. In general, however, you can follow these guidelines by reducing your intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. You can also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat smaller meals more frequently.


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