Apasmara Treatment


In Apasmara dosha, Vitiated due to agitation of mind blocks the vessels of  Manova Srotas amking the person to get his Mind and Intellect blank, creating a confused state.

The Premonitary Symptoms are Feeling emptiness in heart region, Perspiration, Unconsciousness, Loss of functions of sense organs, Insomnia, Excessive Salivation, Giddiness, tastelessness, weakness etc.

Symptoms of Apasmara:-

Getting darkness in front of eyes, disorientation of Intellect, Twitching of hands and legs, Shattering of teeth, Frothy salivation, etc.


For Vataja apasmara, Basti(Enema) Should be given, For Pittaj apasmara Virechana(Purgation) should be given, In Kaphaja Apasmara Vamana should be done.

As a Primary line of management, teekshna Shodhana like Vamana should be done first since it will stimulate the Srotas(Vessels) of Hrdaya and Manas (Heart and Mind) affected with Vatadi dosha’s.

Other than this:-

Internally Medhya Rasayana that will improve intellect and correct mental disorders should be given internally.

Nasya(instilling medicinal drops to nose) using Teekshna drugs,  Doomapana(Smoking medicated Cigar) using Teekshna drugs, Utsadana etc.


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