Treatment for Amlapitta(Gastritis)

Incase of Amlapitta there will be a increase in VidagdaPitta(which can be compared with gastric secretions) and this Pitta which is Vidagda will get Amlibhava causing Amlapitta.

The main symptom involved will be regurgitation, Indigestion, Tiredness, Nausea, Acid eructation, Heart burn, and Anorexia.

The main line of management for Amlapitta is Shodhana means elimination.

Incase of Amlapitta one have to do Vamana first which means making the patient to Vomit, After this MrduVirechana which means slight purgation should be done.

After seeing that whether patient had adequate Vamana and Virechana he should be given SnigdaAnuvasanaBasti(Type of AYURVEDIC ENEMA)d

Other than this Pitta Samana drugs can be given.

Also One should change his life style by avoiding Junk Foods and by intaking food in right time.

One should avoid too sour and spicy food




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