Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Ayurveda


Erectile Dysfunction may be caused due to Physical or Psychological problem of the patient. Hence both should be rectified.

In Psychological Problems, it may be caused due to any previous bad experience or it might be caused due to any misbelieve that is deep rooted in him or else it will be due to other Psychological factors like lack of interest in his partner etc. For all these Patient should be done with enough counseling along with his Partner. so as to get rid of his misbelieve etc

In Physical Problem he should be given Vajeekarana line of Management which will enhance his Vitality.

Other than this:-

Internally Ghrtha’s and drugs that will enhance Vitality is given which will correct the his problems from hormonal level to tissue level

Doing Udvartana(Rubbing with Medicated Powder) with Choorna at the root of Penis below the Umbilicus  also holds good

Drugs that acts on Mental Problem’s are also given.



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