Now we will Discuss what is ideal health ?


Ideal health means positive and perfect health and not merely an absence of disease. The criteria of ideal health are sound physical health and the best mood of senses, mind and soul. Health is a dynamic and constantly changing state. Hence, a healthy man should be as vigilant in the maintenance and enhancement of his health, as the sick man is in getting rid of his disease.


Ayurveda defines man as an aggregate of body, mind and soul. Naturally, the concept of health is not only physical health, but mental and spiritual health too. Its personal, daily and seasonal regime, known as Swasthavritta, is supplemented by (Sadvritta), ie„ rules of good conduct and regulation of spiritual life, so that the individual, apart from leading a healthy and happy life, is an asset to the society. Its concept of life is a total concept of the individual life in relation to society and universe, Hence, ayurveda apart from discussing cure of disease and maintenance of health, includes eugenics, ethics and philosophy.


The target is to turn every man into a noble citizen of the world, so that mankind evolves into a better race. The aim of Ayurveda is to see that everyone leads a long, happy and useful life. One can attain this goal with the help of the following means:


mind body




  • žRich heritage – Plan for your progeny.
  • žPure mind and body.
  • žNourishing, satvik and balanced diet.
  • žRegular Pranayama and yogic exercises.
  • žRegular and adequate sleep.
  • žTaking appropriate Rasayanas, ie., tonics, which would    delay the ageing process.
  • žAvoiding rash or harmful activities or adventures.
  • žAvoiding vices like smoking, drinking, gambling and visiting prostitutes.
  • žEnjoying worldly pleasures without coming into conflict with rules of good conduct.
  • žEarning money in a righteous manner.
  • žKeeping good company and having good manners.
  • žRespecting parents, teachers and elders.
  • žLetting the lives of great men, learned men and saints set an example to you.
  • žAcquiring skill, proficiency and mastery in your subject.
  • žRestraining our sense organs by mind,  mind by intellect and intellect by conscience.
  • žIdentifying self with the entire universe.



In the quest of true happiness, one should realise, that true happiness lies within oneself and one can attain it by developing detached attitude towards all wordly affairs, loving all crea­tures as oneself, performing one’s duties without expecting returns and by acquiring true knowl­edge. Example is better than precept. Put into action what you preach, if you want your children to be ideal ones. If everyone abides by these rules, the day will not be far when the following dream of all the physicians from time immemorial will be materialised. “Let none suffer from sorrow or disease and let everyone be happy. Let everyone be a well wisher of others and enjoy the heavenly pleasures on this very Earth  (Bhagavatgeeta).


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