Healthy Body And Healthy Mind




Healthy Body

A healthy body and mind is the sign of good health.A healthy person will be well built, healthy and strong having appropriateness and shapely physique. His skin is lustrous and complexion pink. He has a swift rhythmic gait and deep, voluminous, melodious and resonant voice. While enjoying sex and having good libido, he has a full control over the sex urge. He has a good appetite and digestive power and regular bowel habits. He enjoys all seasons equally well. His sleep is sound. He is energetic and undertakes physical and mental chores with enthusiasm and skill. He rarely ill. Though capable of enjoying all the wordly pleasures he does not crave for them. He looks younger than his age and enjoys a full and helathy life of 100 years.


Healthy Mind

  • The characteristics of a healthy mind, are:
  • A happy and contented state of mind, cheerful disposition and pleasing manner.
  • Feeling of security.
  • Self esteem and self confidence.
  • Absence of tension and frustration.
  • Ability to accept and give love, affection and happiness.
  • Insight or knowledge of self, Ability to apply one’s capacities to the task at hand.
  • The maximum ability of getting along with people and be friendly with everyone.
  • Ability to adjust easily in every respect. Stability of mind which does not fluctuate or waver.
  • Stability of mind which does not fluctuate or waver.
  • Fortitude and courage.
  • Intelligence and good memory.
  • Creative ability.
  • Follower of the dictates of one’s conscience.
  • Perfect control over one’s own desires, instincts, emotions, behaviour, actions and speech
  • Respect for teachers and learned people.
  • Truthful speech, clear thought and correct action.
  • Humility and gratitude.
  • Well wisher of people and works for the uplift of the society.




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