Brahma Muhurtha




Daily Regimen mentioned in Ayurveda starts with Brahma Muhrutha.Brahma Muhurtha refers to particular early time which is best for waking up. Every one should wakeup by that time. It gives energy, intellect, Immunity, and Good health to us.


Eventhough it is difficult to wake up early this is very important and everyone should follow it to gain better health and disease free life.


  • One who desires long healthy life should get up in Brahma muhurtha
  • One should analyse about the digestion of the food taken previous night and get up in the early morning,look into the mirror and evacuate the natural urges facing towards north in proper place.
  • Brahma is knowledge which is gained by reading.
  • Usually during this time environment is clean without much pollutants.Along with the clean air,pleasant atmosphere,absence of noise,the morning rays of the sun is very beneficial.Health is got from the sun so one should get up in the morning before sunrise.



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