VataRakta(Gout Treatment in Ayurveda)


VataRakta is caused when both vata and rakta after getting vitiated in body, circulates in whole body and settles in Great toe.

VataRakta can be correlated with Gout in which there will be increased accumulation of Uric acid. Which is directly linked with high intake of Protein rich Food.

Incase Of Deep Seated Gout:-

(GambhiraVataRakta) treatment is mainly Shodhana (Elimination Therapy) should be done that is Virechana(Purgating) and Raktamokshana(Blood Letting) according to the disease condition.

Basti(Enema with Kashaya and Oil alternatively) Should be given.

Later (Snehana) Oleationshoulb given to the patient both externally and internally.

In case of Superficial type of Gout(Uttana) applying paste over the part, pouring medicated drugs to the part, Oleating and massaging the part etc can be done.

Other than this :- Internally medicines can also be given according to the Dosha factor involved.

One Should reduce food items like Meat, Meat of aquatic animals, Alcohol, Salt, Bitter, Oily, food items.

Reduce Intake of food with Protein content.

Increase intake of Water.





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