Vayu along with Kapha obstructs Prana, Udaka, Annavaha Srotas and cause Hiccough.

 In this disease Prana and Udana Vata moves rapidly in opposite direction pulling up liver, spleen, and intestine along with Hic Hic sound production.


Practising Praanayama(Technique of controlled Respiration

Giving a sudden shock to patient by abusing, Threating, Surprising or by Pricking with Needle.

Vamana, Nasya(Instilling drops to Nose), Purgation, Enema also shows good results.

Same Treatment mentioned for Asthma can be given here also, that is  one should give Snehana(Oleation Therapy), followed by which swedana should be done.

Applying Lavana Taila(Oil mixed with Salt) over chest should  give good results since all these procedures cuase Kapha to get liquefied and makes to Vata get Pacified there by getting Relief.









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