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Sit on the floor with your legs spread in the front, feet and toes turned outwards. Hands resting on both sides of the waist. Bring your feet close to each other, hands closer to the body and head in the center. Shift the weight of your body on your right hand, slightly tilting sideways and catch hold of your left ankle with left hand. Fold your left knee and bring your left foot underneath your left buttock. The heel being side-wards and toes turned inwards.


Shift the weight of your body on the left hand, folded left leg and folded left foot. Gradually fold your right leg, holding it with right hand and folding it in the same manner as you did with your left foot. Knees should be touching each other. Let your back be comfortable straight. Keep your hands comfortably resting on the front of your thighs close to your knees. Arms should be slightly bent in the elbows. The shoulders should be relaxed and the face, free of all unnecessary tensions and frowning. Sit in this posture for about five minutes or if you have time, you can sit as long as you can comfortably do.



This is very good yoga posture to improve the stability and tone of muscles. It gives steadiness and firmness to the skeletal muscle. So clinically it is recommended to the patients complaining of tremors or weakness of muscles.


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