Unmada Treatment


According to Acharya Sushrutha, Develoment of Delusion with mind agitation, Sound Hallucination, Showing interest to work eventhough bestowed with weaknes, Tastlesness, dreaming about contaminated food, Vertigo,  Vata causing a bewildered feeling etc are the Premonitary symptoms of Unmada.

And the main symptoms include, Instability of Mind and intellect, Anxiety, Vision becomes blurred or blank, irrelevant speech, Empty feeling in heart region.

He will not be having sense of Pleasure, grief, Dharma, Adharma, lacks peace, and wanders without an aim.


VatajaUnmadaChikitsa:- Patient with Vataja unmade should be given Snehapana as the first line of management since this will decrease the Rukshatha(Dryness property), Krushatha property of Vata. Samshodhana using mrduVirechana(Elimination therapy that is by purgating) is used in cases where Vatavarodha is caused by kapha and Pitta.

Pitta KaphajaUnmadaChikitsa:- In such cases shodhana(Elimination therapy) is the primary treatment. Patient should be done with Vamana(Vomiting) and Virechana(Purgating)

After these to procedure, patient should be done with SamsarjanaKrama(Inorder to make him regain his digestive power, strength etc).

Once this is over, according to the strength of patient Niruha and Anuvasana type of Enema(Basti) should be given to patient.

With above said Panchakarma treatment management patient will get his body purified which will inturn purify his mind.

Other than these:-

Internally Sanjyasthapana and Medhya(that will act on intellect and mind) should be given.

Patient who is not responding to Panchakarma treatment should be done with  severe means of treatment including:-

Applying TeekshnaDravya in the Eyes as Anjana, Smoking teekshna drug medicated Cigarette, Beating the person etc. Since fear for his life make his mind and intellect stable – Consoling the patient can also be done.

Giving the opposite kind of emotion to the etiological emotion that is if etiological emotion is sadness, we have to give him pleasure etc.

DaivavyapashrayaChikitsa(Practising Holy rituals) can be done in AgantujaUnmada.




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