Treatment For Visarpa(Erysipelas)


The Disease Visarpa is a Skin Ailment in which Pitta dosha gets Vitiated and inturn act as Dushya for Rakta (Blood), Skin, Lasika, MamsaDhatu( Muscle Tissue) and there will be rashes spreading like Snake hence  got the name Visarpa.

Other Symptoms include:-

Formation of Pustules in the Skin that may break open and form Ulcer

High Fever, Thirst, Diarrhoea.


In classics it is said that For VisarpaLanghana and Rookshana isHitha or Good. So One can undergo Langhana  and can take RukshaPadartha or Rooksha Food.

The main line of management include Shodana like Raktamokshana( Blood Letting), Vamana(Vomiting), Virechana(Purgating).

Since this disease will be aggrevated with Kledana, One should not give Snehana to the Patient in VISARPA Disease.

Other Than this:-

Intake of Pomegranate, Grapes, Dates, Gooseberry is good in Visarpa disease.

One Should Avoid intake of Lavana(Salt), Amla(Alkaline), Katu(Spicy), Food Items

Avoid Intake of Curd, Fermented Items, Fried Items, Oily Food, Alcohol.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight Etc





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