Suryanamaskara (Sun Salute)


™There are 12 positions in this procedure. This is considered as very important one.


surya-namaskar Surya-Namaskar2



1.Stand erect with heels joined together and front of the feet a little apart. Keep your folded hands in the posture of namaskara, i.e. join your hands in front of chest. The elbows should remain stretched outwards.

2.While inhaling the breath, stretch your hands up and take them as far back as you can beyond your hand. Bend back your body from waist upwards as far as you can.

3.Now bring your palms forward from front and bend your body down. Try to put palms of your hands on ground and place them besides your feet. In this state, try to touch the knees with your forehead without bending the knees and then exhale.

4.Now take the left leg backward, bend your right knee and let it take position between two arms with the hands sticking on ground. Now bend your neck as far backward as you can and thrust the chest our and then inhale.

5.Exhale the breath and take your right leg also to the position of left leg. Put your heels completely on ground. Raise your hips upwards touch your chest with your chin and look backwards through your legs.

6.Go down on the ground and let your forehead, chest and knees touch the ground only.

7.Now rise up the front portion of your body up to chest, giving as little pressure on hands as you can. Inhale, bend your neck as far back as you can. This posture is like Bhujangasana.

8.The same position as in No.5

9.The same as in No. 4

10.The same as in No. 3

11.The same as in No. 2

12.Finally return to the position No.1 and then take your hands down.



It is actually composite exercise containing seven different asanas. Stomach, lungs, liver, spleen, intestines and spinal cord are strengthened by its regular practice. The entire body gains elasticity.







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