Sannyaasa is a severe state where patient does not awakes and does not get cured without medicines.

Aggravated Dosha causes irritation in the actions of Vaak, Deha and Manas.

Sannyaasa is caused due to the Saannipaatika Dosha which are harbored in Praan`aayatana. Since the condition is very severe it requires immediate treatment or else the prognosis is very bad, even the person can die due to this.



  • Procedures:

o       Teekshn`a Nasya

o       Teekshn`a Anjana

o       Teekshn`a Dhooma

o       Teekshn`a Pradhamana Nasya

o       Teekshn`a Abhyanjana


  • Other Modes of treatment:

o       Traasana Chikitsaa (Treatment with terrifying technique)

Pricking just below the nail bed with fine needle.

Forcefully lifting of hairs

Intense bite by human being

Induce Scorpion bite

Hot, pungent and acidic substances should be kept in to patients mouth.

Kapikachchhu powder should be rubbed over patients body.

Playing musical instrument with high tone close to the patients ear.

Sing a song in aggressive manner close to the patients ear.

Moving patients extremities harshly


Avasthika Chikitsaa:

In Jaagritaavasthaa (Treatment in recovered conscious stage)

After patient regained consciousness by above measures, following formulations should be given to him for internal consumption–

Las`huna Svarasa (garlic juice)

  • Beejapooraka Kesara + Vyosha + Lavan`a (salt)
  • S`hodhana followed by Samsarjana krama.
  • Decoction of Triphalaa , S`hun`t`hee, Chitraka + S`hilaajatu should be given for one month
  • S`harkaraa + S`heelaaajatu
  • To pacify residual DoshaJeern`a Ghrita (Ghee beyond 10 years) should be given to the patient.
  • Panchakarma should be done as per Rugn`a bala.(C.Su.24/54)


Pathyakara Aahaara

Laghu (easy to digest),Teekshn`a (intense),Ushn`a (hot) diet should be given to patient for cleansing of ManovahaSrotas.



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