In Nadi Sweda, fomentation is done by directing steam coming through a hollow tube to Patients body.


Patient should be anointed and made to sit in a stool

A pressure cooker is taken and is added with some drugs and sufficient quantity of water. The Drugs taken are according to the disease condition of the patient.

Vata Kaphaja Disease:- Varuna, Guduchi, Sigru, Mulaka, Sarshapa, Vasa, Vamsa, Karanja, Asmantaka, Malati, Tulasi, Brhat Panchamula, Gandhatrina.

Pittanubandhi Vata disorders:- Bhutika, Dashamula, Sura, Dhadhimastu, Mutra, Amla, Sneha

After taking sufficient quantity of drugs and water, the pressure cooker is closed and it should be connected with a hollow tube, therapist should direct the steam coming through hollow tube to patient’s body(Especially to the effected parts).

Longitudinal movements are carried over the limbs and circular movements are carried over the joints with the steam.

This procedure should be done till the appearance of Sudation.

Previously in Olden days this procedure is done by using pot and hollow stem of plants, for this one pot should be kept over the other in inverted position and should be sealed together in the mouth region.


In the neck region one hole should be made and there hollow stem of plants is connected with bend at few places, and the free end of the stem is covered with Eranda leaf having 3-5 holes for passage of steam and with this hollow stem, steam is directed to patients body.



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