Ksheera Dhooma

In case of Ksheera Dhuma fomentation is done by directing milk vapour steam to patient’s body.


Indications:- Facial Palsy, Cervical Disk Prolapse and other disorders, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Mastoiditis, Osteo Arthritis of Jaw, Hanugraha, Manyagraha, Avabahuka(Frozen shoulder), Viswachi.




Patient’s body should be anointed using medicated oil in Vertex, Face, Neck and Shoulder, massage is done in upward direction for a small duration.

Patient’s eyes should be covered with two to three lotus petals and above that cotton pieces dipped in cold water is kept and tied with bandage cloth.

Patient is asked to sit comfortably in a stool and his body should be covered with a blanket.

Bala moola kashaya(Decoction) should be made by boiling 100gm bala moola in 1.5l and reducing it to half, to this decoction milk of same quantity of Kashaya should be taken.

Both the Decoction and milk are mixed and taken in a pressure cooker connected with a hollow rubber tube.

Now when vapour comes through the free end of the tube, it should be directed to the oil anointed parts of patient’s body.

This procedure is continued till sweat is seen in patient’s nose and forehead.


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