Mayura means peacock so it is called as peacock posture as body in this asana re­sembles peacock. Sit on your knees, bend a little forward, join your el­bows together and rest your palms on ground, keeping distance of 3-4 inches be­tween the two wrists. Bring down your abdomen slowly on your joined elbows, balancing weight of entire body on el­bows. Stretch your legs. Now inhale and lift your face in front and your legs in rear from the ground. Head and legs should be in level with each other. After staying in this pos­ture for few minutes, first put your feet on ground and then exhale. Rest for few minutes in Shavasana after this. In this balance yours cli only for little while, keep your elbows joined together.






™It enhances working power of kidney and digestive organs. Increases blood circulation and purifies blood, (Gives beauty and ojas to the body. Sluggishness of lives and hepatic torpidity is removed. It checks obesity.


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