• ™Sit on the floor with both the legs stretched out in front, of hold the left leg a the knee and bring the knee near the chest.
  • Keeping the right leg on the floor, fold it at the knee. With the help of the hands, draw the right heel along the floor towards the perineum and fix it at the crotch.
  • Without mov­ing the left buttock, take the left ankle near the right knee with the help of the right hand.
  • Place the left sole on the floor on the outer side of the right knee, the left knee will come over to the right side, near the armpit.
  • At this position provide support to the right foot with your left hand. Thereafter, pressing the left knee with left hand, bring it towards the right armpit, while simultaneously taking the right armpit towards the left side.
  • Keeping the left hand on the right sole, do not allow the right heel to more turn the face to left.






It helps spinal column to become healthy. Breathing becomes easy. It cures constipation, dyspepsia. It has very good effect on pancreas and liver.


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