Leucorrhea treatment in Ayurveda
Leucorrhea treatment in Ayurveda

Leucorrhoea treatment in ayurveda – introduction

Leucorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda has been gaining popularity since recent days. Leucorrhoea is a creamy colored or yellowish vaginal discharge caused by estrogen imbalance. Almost every woman experiences this during their reproductive years for certain. Having the white discharge 2-3 times in a day is extremely beneficial as it is a natural means of cleaning, lubricating and also shielding the reproductive body organs from infections. However, if it occurs more than 2-3 times, then it can be a problem.

A physiological vaginal discharge is a mixture of cervical and genital secretions, epithelial cells and microbial flora. This will be white, odorless as well as, does not produce itching, burning or any other discomfort. Also the normal pH inside the vaginal canal will be kept between 3.8 to 4.2.

In Ayurveda, leucorrhoea is termed as Shweta Pradara, (Shweta suggests white and also Pradara implies discharge from vagina). Acharyas account it as increased genital discharge with signs like burning sensation, itching in genital component, body discomfort and fatigue. It’s not an illness itself, therefore the etiopathogenesis of the underlying variables holds the major key. Kapha on being aggravated vitiates the reproductive system and also generates white painless discharge. Changes in the type of discharge underlines various abnormalities. Like, the trichomonas infection which takes place as a diffuse vaginitis is characterised by a thin, yellow, frothy discharge with a faecal smell. Slim vaginal discharge because of candida fungus infection is white curd like with unpleasant odour. Microbial discharge is usually grey in shade with smell. Chlamydia causes mucopurulent discharge.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea 

  • Thick and white/yellow discharge from vagina
  • Back pain and pain in legs
  • Itching in vagina
  • Abdominal pain
  • Burning micturition
  • Indigestion
  • Irritability and lack of concentration
  • General weakness
  • Strong smell of discharge 

Causes of Leucorrhoea

A) General reasons

  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Anaemia
  • Less active lifestyle
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Psychological stress
  • lack of rest

B) Local reasons

Regional diseases like-:

  • Cervical erosion.
  • Variations of uterus retroversions.
  • Prolapsed uterus.
  • Cancer cells of all types.
  • Inflammation of vulva.

Types of leucorrhoea

a) Physiological leucorrhoea – Though not a significant problem, it should be dealt early. It happens during pregnancy by increased blood flow to the vagina due to increased estrogen.

b) Inflammatory leucorrhoea– happens due to inflammation of vaginal mucosa. The vaginal discharge becomes yellowish in shade with some odour as well as may be an indicator of organic bacterial infection.

c) Parasitic leucorrhoea– takes place because of trichomonas vaginalis and the symptoms are itching, feeling of shedding with white or yellow, thick, foamy vaginal discharge.

Leucorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda.

The principle of Ayurvedic treatment of Sweta Pradara is mostly based upon it’s etiopathogenesis. Ayurveda considers Kapha Dosha as the major causative element for vaginal discharge, remediation of Agni (gastrointestinal fire) in order to clean the accumulated contaminants to bring Kapha dosha back towards equilibrium and also condition the muscular tissues of reproductive organs with the help of revitalizing natural herbs are thought about as primary principle of treatment with Ayurveda. The following external therapies are also explained for Ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhea:

  • Varti (vaginal suppository)
  • Pichu (keeping a cotton swab to deliver the required medicines to vagina) 
  • Dhupana (local fumigation over vaginal area)
  • Prakshalana (douches used to wash vagina)

Several internal medicines are also explained in Ayurveda which can be taken after consulting an Ayurveda doctor.


  • Intake of old rice, barley, wheat, milk, coriander, grapes, mamsa rasa etc
  • Walk in sunlight
  • Eating freshly prepared and easily digestible foods
  • Avoid stress 
  • Maintaining celibacy and local hygiene


  • Do not suppress natural urges
  • Do not sleep during the day
  • Avoid staying awake at night
  • Intake of alcohol
  • Over exertion

Leucorrhoea have ended up being a really common trouble in ladies nowadays. Essentially, it may not be an illness itself but can also be a sign of other illness like anaemia, diabetic issues, some microbial infection or due to sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, the majority of the females are hesitant to discuss this problem and fail to take proper treatment on schedule resulting in severe illness. Thus knowing the cause is much more important than the therapy itself. The administration of these medicines completely rely on the Prakruti and also Dosha of a patient, which are strictly to be informed by a doctor himself.

So always consider consulting an Ayurvedic doctor before wasting your time and money on home remedies. If you are hesitant to go to a hospital or consult a doctor in person, you can opt for online Ayurvedic consultations which will provide you privacy and anonymity. Online consultations are now becoming more and more popular among people in this pandemic era. All you have to be careful about is finding authentic and affordable services. CareAyu is a new startup by a group of Ayurvedic doctors of India who provide effective and genuine Ayurvedic advice on medicines, diet and lifestyle. Feel free to check out and get your advice without going to a hospital.


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