(Boswellia Serrata Roxb)


The drug Kunduru is nothing but the gum obtained from Shallaki tree. Shallaki is a huge tree bearing small white flowers; it is found in most of the forests in the temperate regions of India. The Shallaki is quoted by Charaka under Pureesha Virechaniya group while Susrutha mentioned it under Shodhati Gana. Its bark and gum are the useful parts. Gum is separately mentioned as Kunduru by Bhavamishra.

Whereas Dalhana described Kunduru as Shallaki Kopa i.e. gum of Shallaki. Bhava Mishra categorized Kunduru and Shallaki separately under Karpooradi Varga and Vatadi Varga respectively. The plant is mentioned as Boswellia serrata and explained under the family Burseraceae.





The compilation work has been done on the drug Kunduru.

It has been described by Sushrutha in Rodhradi gana, Eladi gana and Kashaya Skanda gana.

Charaka described it under Pureesha Virechaneeya gana, Kashaya Skanda gana and Shiro Virechana gana. Bhavaprakasaha quoted it under Vatadi Varga, Dhanwantari and Shodala quoted it under Chandanadi Varga. In Nighantu Adarsha it is quoted under Guggulvadi Varga.





  • Shallaki: – शलति चलति कर्मिनि | लक्ष्यते अस्वाध्यते च गजैर्ति | शल चलने लक आस्वादने |


  • Ashwamutri: – अश्वस्य मूत्रमिव स्रावो अस्य: |


  • Kunduruki: – कुन्दुरुर् निर्यासो अस्या: |


  • Gajabhaksha: – गजानां भक्षं भोजनं |


  • Thrayasthraphala: – त्रयस्त्रं त्रिकोणं फलमस्या: |


  • Bahusthrava: – बहु स्रावन इति प्रभुत स्रावे अत्यर्तः


  • Maherana: – महान्तं गजमिरयति प्रेरयतीति |


  • Mocha: – मुञ्चति निर्यासं इति |


  • Vanya: – वने जाता |


  • Surabhi: – सुगन्धि: |


  • Surabhistrava:- सुरभि: सुगन्धि: स्रव स्रावो अस्या: |


  • Hladani :- ह्लादयति सुगन्धेनिति |


  • Ashwamuthri


  • Shadeekani


  • Gajapriya


  • Suvaha


  • Madagandika


  • Gandamula







  • English :- Indian olibanum, Boswellia gum
  • Hindi :- Kunduru
  • Telugu:-Anduka Bunka, Kunduru, Guggilamu, Sambrani.
  • Kannada :- Guggulu, Madi
  • Malayalam :- Kundurukkam, Sambrani
  • Tamil :- Paranki Samprani
  • Bengali :- Salai
  • Gujarat :- Saleda


Botanical Source



  • Botanical Name: – Boswellia serrata Roxb
  • Family: – Burseraceae












  • Twak choorna:- 1 – 3g


  • Twak Kwatha:- 20 – 50ml


  • Niryasa:- 5 – 40g in amenorrhea
    • 1 – 3g usually
  • Oil:- 10 – 20ml






The gum of Boswellia serrata ie Kunduru, contains three triterpenic acids known as ά, β, δ Boswellic acids, Ursan type compound with pentacycline triterpens.

Resin yields acids, diterpine alcohol serratol. Oil from Oleo resin of Indian plant contains high content of ά- theyine.

Leaves contain essential Oil.

Bark contain, β sitosterol, Carbohydrate and glucosides.





Rasa: – Madhura, Tiktha, Katu


कुन्दुरु:मधुरस्तिक्तस्तीक्ष्ण स्वत्वच्य: कटुर्हरेत् |


Guna: – Laghu, Teekshna


Virya: – Ushna.


Vipaka: – Katu.







Doshakarma: – KaphaVatahara


Rogaghnakarma: – Twacchya


  • Pureesha Virechaneeya
  • Deepana – Pachana
  • Grahi
  • Vatanulomana
  • Mutrala
  • Kapha Nisaraka
  • Jwaraghna
  • Shothahara
  • Vrna Ropana
  • Vrna Shodhana
  • Raktha Stambha









  • Aamavata
  • Kushta
  • Mukha Roga
  • Jwara
  • Athisara
  • Jeerna Jwara
  • Jeerna Khasa
  • Twak Dosha
  • Arshas
  • Aruchi
  • Mutrakrcchra
  • Mutra dourgandhya
  • Aasya dourgandhya








  • Pitta Abhishyanda: – The gum of Shallaki is mixed with Sugar and honey and used as eye drop/collyrium.(SU.U:10)
  • Chronic Ulcers: – As astringent, in the form of ointments it is useful in Chronic Ulcers, diseased bones in which it promotes absorption. The resin rubbed in Coconut Oil or Lemon Juice is in application to foul ulceration.
  • In Gonorrhoea: – In Syphilitic cases and Gonorrhoea it is mixed with Ghee and prescribed.
  • In Pulmonary diseases: – It is mixed with Coconut Oil and is applied to soles as a Stimulant, like in diseases like Bronchitis, Chronic laryngitis and Bronchorrhoreae.
  • In Foul breath: – It is mixed with acacia’s gum and administered.

If taken for a period of time in one Ounce dose, it is said to reduce Obesity.

  • Conjunctivitis: – The exudate of Palasha and Shallaki mixed with Sugar and Honey should be applied to eyes in Conjunctivitis caused by Pitta.                                       (su.su 10/7)
  • Bronchial Asthma: – Smokes should be inhaled of Thurooska, Shallaki, Guggulu and Padmaka mixed with Ghee.

(su.su.u 51/52)

  • Shwasa:-Shallaki Choorna taken along with Ghritha or Madhu and licked.
  • Vrna:-The wound is washed with the decoction and other drugs.


  • In Syphilis:-Gum resin is the main constituent of an Ointment for Soles and with butter is used.





  1. Obesity: – Taken for a period of time in one ounce dosage. It is said to reduce obesity.
  2. Abscess: – Bark, Gum and Resin are used.
  3. Foul Breath: – Mixed with Acacia’s gum and administered.




Some of branched formulation containing Boswellia serrata available in market are:-



Anti-inflammatory, analgesic property relieves joint pain.

60 Capsules costs R.s 75/-

Dose: – 1 Capsule twice daily.


Capsule or tablet

Soothing pain relieving cream containing Capsaicin

Products contains boswellic acid

Taken orally 2 or 3 times a day.


Cream in a 15g tube for external application

It reduces the activity of enzyme tycostinase within the skin, thus diminishes production of melanin, which results in reduction of dark skin formation.

Rheumatic X

Contain 20 mg Shallaki

Indications: – Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Osteo arthritis, Sciatic pain

2 Capsules twice daily.




In Ayurvedic medicine Indian Frankiscene has been used for hundred years of healing arthritis. Extraction of Boswelia serrata have been clinically used for Osteoarthritis and Joint function, particularly for Osteoarthritis of Knee.

Positive effects of Boswellia in some chronic inflammatory disease includes Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchial Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Ulcerative condition and Crohn’s disease have been reported. It is also used in the macroscopic and microscopic Colitis.

Topical Application:-

Boswellia serrate has been recently developed for topical use in a patient pending formula in Sano Relief gel.

Potential and Anti-Cancer Activity:-

Boswellic acid, an extract from Boswellia serrata has been studied and anti – neoplastic activity, especially in experimental primary and secondary brain tumours, indicating potential efficacy from inviteo and limited Clinical research.





In Ayurvedic medicine Kunduru – the gum resin of Boswellia serrate Roxb has been used for hundreds of years treating arthritis. Extracts of Boswellia serrate Roxb have been clinically studied for Osteoarthritis and Joint function, particularly for Osteoarthritis of Knee.

Boswellia extract is marketed under the name Wokvel has undergone test for human efficacy and comparative, pharmacokinetic studies. Some see Boswellia serrata Roxb as a promising alternative for NSAID (Non – steroid anti-inflammatory drugs), warranting further investigations in the pharmacological studies and clinical trials.

Boswellia serrata Roxb is used in the manufacture of the ‘supposed to be’ anti – wrinkle agent ‘Boswelox’.



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